Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Butterfly Hill Garden (w/ Video)


This is my butterfly garden, a great place to sit and watch the birds, bees, butterflies, lake….kids…. you name it.  It seems to be a really hard area to get good pictures of.  I tend to take the same shot of the bench each time, but today I will walk you all around it.















This is the area that I have put the most work into in the entire yard.  This hill is very steep and washed so badly.  It overlooks the lake and is on the end of our driveway.  It also if full of large rocks.  May times I dug a hole and pulled out a 5 pound rock, so much so that I needed more dirt to backfill.  I have had bucket and plant roll all the way down to the grass… me included.  Everyone has nearly tumbled down the hill…. but it is a great place to enjoy the plants, because the can be seen looking up and from below.

July8 (14)

Here it is in the beginning….July 2008.  Not much huh?  At this time I only added cheap mulch and no amendments.  I wish now I could have done that differently, but as you saw, the plants are doing really well no matter.

Picture 322

June 2009 looks better…. but still filling in and pulling weeds!  The orange is flags marking plantings.  Fertilizer and better mulch…. mostly watering every few days and dang… those dang weeds!  Remember I am way out in the country and there are some horrible invasive things that want in flower beds here.


And here is the same view today.  Most things have been in two years now.  Of course I add things, but for the most part it is done and I can enjoy it now.  As I keep saying , I wish you could see it in person… but here is a short video so you can see it sway in the wind and how it looks over the lake.  Remember, our home is new construction, so we are still getting grass growing!  The area under the deck is brand new, done in the last 2 months.


Gardening teaches us patience for sure.  But boy is it wonderful when it turns out better than you ever dreamed it would!

Have a great day….Brooke

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful. You make me want to go outside and get busy.


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