Thursday, June 10, 2010

All I See is PINK



What a beautiful morning it is here at the lake.


I just cannot believe how many things are in bloom right now.


And so many things are pink….. that I decided to do all all pink post today.


Isn’t this fantastic, I will take another pic when it opens more… a pink peony poppy, right by my front steps!


But this daylily is just PERFECTLY PINK…. I want it in so many more places!  I do not have a name, this came from a local garden friend.  I want to call it the perfect pink daylily!


Catchfly is a little annual I grow from seed, it is so delicate and pretty.


Some new double pink knock-outs, that are the best I have ever seen.  First year, but love them so far.


Foxglove, I wish you would bloom all summer long.


My weeds, oh I mean pink primrose…. which I pull out by the buckets full.


But the roses are my favorites, especially if the smell as sweet as this one….Coquette des Blanches.

I have been super busy this week.  Tennis camp, an event with my job and oh yeah, a garden tour coming up in 9 days…. but I wanted to say hello and thanks for stopping by.

Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. I do love foxglove too! I wish they could bloom all summer too! ... and be perennials instead of biennials... it's always the the most beautiful things that seem to fade the fastest.

  2. Brooke all of your pinks are beautiful to me. The poppy is just so pretty.

  3. Pretty in pink!! I think of your upcoming garden tour often. I can't wait to hear/read how that goes for wishes..


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