Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome May Blooms!


Good Morning Gardening Friends and Welcome to the beautiful month of May!


I really must say that this is probably my favorite month and a very good one in my garden.  These purple sensation alliums have lived up to their name, sensational….


Nearby a clematis is blooming for the first time, it is still small but growing by the second up the railing of my porch.


I am watching the peonies, they are ready to burst open anytime…. I have three new varieties this year, but my pinks are hard to beat.


Like this wilgea in bloom next to a new plant in the garden, a Hollandia Scotch Broom…. do you have any experience with this?  It is new to me…. if you look close it has dark pink blooms.  Very striking, vertical accent, almost like a grass.


Lupines are still beautiful, I am so proud of the coming back and blooming.  Planted from seed last spring.



My Goldflame Honeysuckle is really growing and blooming nice up the stairs of the deck.  The longer I have this one, the more I enjoy it.  It is not at all like wild honeysuckle, easily trained and blooms all summer.


Moss Verbena is lovely, I planted more seed of this in new areas I like it so much.  It is a tender perennial in zone 6.


My white hearty geraniums are blooming, they are so tiny and delicate it is hard to get a good picture, the leaves almost look like ivy they are so small.  I started with three tiny starts with almost no roots….. now they are covering a four foot corner in two years.


More irises in bloom, many more are opening up this morning….


So nice to see things waking up and filling in….


But my Regosas Rosas are stealing the show…. they are covered and just huge this spring.


They are now over the top of my wing walls of the walkout basement…..that is a good five feet at least.  I want them to spill over…. and they will.


More clematis in bloom…. I think I have 7 different kinds and love them all.


Spiderwort…. love this vibrant purple, it is darker in person.


And last but not least, Dorothy Rose Columbine…. a beautiful dwarf variety for me, never getting over about 18 inches.


I just wish it’s heads would be up, it looks shy…lol… but so pretty near the steps on the porch. 


Speaking of the porch, check out my antique wicker rocker I found.  It even had the springs under the cushions.  It is really comfortable too, I love rocking chairs and swings, you cannot have enough of them!


Here is another view, Riley is checking things out…. my Yorkie aka Garden Buddy.


Well friends…  until next time…. Happy Gardening….. you can find me here on the bench….or weeding….more likely…  Suppose to be beautiful this week.

Thanks for stopping by….Brooke


  1. Oh Brooke, everything is looking so beautiful!! Great wicker rocker and love the bench on the rocks....weeding is more likely where you will be indeed. (it's a never ending job)

  2. Sigh! What a perfectly delicious post! Absolutely gorgeous and those flowers are a real eyeful. What a pity that none of them (except the verbena) will grow in my tropical garden

  3. Hi Brooke~~

    Just beautiful!! I love the Alliums and Centaurea; 'Nellie Moser' and the variegated Euonymous foliage. The peony bud is ooh, la, la! And the weigela looks fabulous next to the weeping scotch broom. What wonderful form and texture it has.

    I'm equally impressed with my fairly new 'Goldflame' Interestingly mine doesn't have any "gold" in the blossoms either.

    Your wicker chair is awesome. I saw a similar chair with settee and table too for like three hundred dollars at a thrift store. I didn't buy it but ooh, I wanted it! I'll just vicariously enjoy yours. Good eye!


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