Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Watching the seeds GROW!


(Seedling at about 3 weeks….really filling in nicely!)

I am very happy to be a part of the “Seed Grow Project”  …. basically I will be a test garden for new varieties of seed from Renee’s Seeds…. what fun!  For that we will be growing a new nasturtium….

Nasturtium, Climbing, "Spitfire" 

Nasturtium, Climbing, "Spitfire" by reneesgarden.

Exclusive - Brilliant, scarlet-orange blossoms shine out amongst trailing green foliage, attracting hovering hummingbirds. Train up short trellises or tripods for a cascade of bright blossoms.

I can’t wait!!!  They will look so nice climbing up the new planter on the deck.



This is part of my new kitchen garden, and as you can see, I have a mix of new plants and things from seed.  I am hoping with the annuals it will look more filled and mature quicker for the upcoming garden tour here.


I make a little hole in my mulch and sprinkle them on the soil, then I add just a bit of compost mix on top to anchor the seeds in place…. I think this is a perennial, scarlet flax.


Of course, don’t forget the markers!  Because when they are little it is hard to remember what they are.  This is pink zinnias, I have a bunch of them planted and they are so pretty every year, and super easy from seed.


All of my little baby hollyhocks are really shooting up, I cannot wait to see them big and tall along this wall.  There is a mix of other things there too like rocket series snapdragons.


Here is the other side of the fence, I planted a mix of irises there and the rest will be completely from seed.  I know I planted columbine, foxglove and delphiniums…. and some annuals like catchfly, verbena and alyssum.


This will be my cutting bed, it has hundreds of zinnia and cosmo seeds coming up…. along with a few weeds!  It is a daily event to look for weeds there, but it will be so fun when they bloom. 

I have been asked to give a little presentation about my growing things from seed on the upcoming garden tour day at the luncheon.  I will be using some of these pictures, and hopefully some nice “after” shots of things blooming…  If not I always have shots from last summer if I need them!


Here is a quick little garden “Grandma-crow” the girls and I put together  last week.  It is made from broken pieces of last years patio umbrella and Big Sisters outfit from Pioneer Day…. lol.  Add in garden gloves Riley the puppy chewed up and you got yourself “garden art”….  I don’t know if I will leave it up for the tour or not, but we had fun making her.


Here is the dress from last fall, as you can see we all got dressed up.  I worked at the school that day too.  My mom is the crafty one, she has been busy making pillows for the day everyone will be coming here.


Here is one of the best ones!  Isn’t it cute…. she has an embroidery machine and the garden tour is called…. “Our bloomers are showing” so I thought the saying was perfect!



I’m growing Nasturtium “Spitfire” for the GROW project. Thanks, to Renee’s Garden for the seeds.  For more information and to see how they are doing in other garden click the banner above.

Happy Gardening Everyone…..Brooke


  1. I never tire of sowing seeds, it's just a miracle what comes out of those tiny things. I am so excited for you about the garden tour and hope you post photos of it. I think your Grandma Crow is adorable. My golly your lay outs of gardens are just beautiful.

  2. I love the grandma crow. I can do that with my big umbrella that isn't any good anymore. I love your gardens. Those hollyhocks will be beautiful. I cannot believe those seedlings in the container are only 3 weeks old. Have a good day. Becca

  3. Love your "Grandma crow" and what fun to be a test grower.


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