Monday, May 10, 2010

Trash or Treasure? You be the Judge!


Saturday on my gardening adventure we traveled through French Lick Indiana…


There we spotted this very interesting store on the highway called “Fox Hollow Gallery”.


Of course I wanted to turn around and go back…. I had to see what all this was.


Garden scrap one might call it…. handmade things with found items mixed in….


Everything from outhouses…. to old windows….to bed frames!


But rare finds as well….. isn’t she lovely?  I would have liked to taken her home.


Inside they had some really cute birdhouses made from old boots!


Isn’t that clever? 


I love it that people are starting more businesses like this around here.  I got a bunch of  creative ideas there  and it was a wonderful find in my book….. a treasure indeed!


Fox Hollow Gallery

Address: 8820 St Rd 56, French Lick
Phone: 812-936-3110


Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. I would go crazy in there. I love junk.

  2. That statue was definitely a treasure!


  3. I'm like Becca..I would go crazy in there as I love garden junk and I saw a lot of things I liked. I have a similar garden statue like that lady but she is so heavy, she hardly gets moved anywhere..but she's a takes two of us strong people and she's still heavy. Same way with a bird bath we have, and it's all both of us can do to lift the top off the bird bath to empty rainwater out of it or to clean it. We bought both of them outside of Hershey, Pa. for half the price we would have bought them here in Md. So if any of you are visiting in the Hershey area, I highly recommend Pumpkin World farm market. They have lots of concrete statues, outdoor furniture and sheds. It's on Rt. 39 going toward Hanoverdale Cemetery area.


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