Sunday, May 9, 2010

Iron Fences, Railings and Trim… I love them all!

















These all are so lovely, I think that they automatically make you think there will be a wonderful garden behind them.  What a great focal point to have with your home.

All of these pictures were taken in Madison, Indiana.

Happy Gardening…..Brooke


  1. Hi Brooke-
    I just found your blog this morning, and I am delighted.

    I enjoyed looking at the variety of roses in your sidebar.

    Do you have them all planted in full day long sunlight?

    I have a large yard, but full, hot sunlight is limited.

    How do you handle that?

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  2. Hi Laura! I am so glad you stopped by! I tell you, loving roses is not an easy chore, but the rewards are worth it to me. But I will never tell you it is not without it's pains. I loose 4-5 rose bushes each winter here. I keep thinking it will not happen this time, and it always does. I am on a huge hill with no windbreak, next to a 48 acre lake, that is an artic nightmare in the winter. I have talked to nurseries and they think I have a bit of a climate near the lake that has additional moisture and problems associated with that. I now have to spray for fungal issues constantly or I have a horrible summer. Now, saying that.... I have 6 rose bushes in bloom that are showstoppers right now, I have over 30 plants in my garden at any given time so all during the summer I have blooms. I will tell you I do use landscape roses too. I love old roses, but many of them really only bloom once or MAYBE three times during the entire year. May and October are my best months. Here is some of my "tips" to share. Dig as big of hole as you can spare in your bed. Dig deeper than you need to and add a peat/compost mix to the loose soil. I use a brand called Garden Magic. Also add a slow release granular fertilizer or "Rose Food" at planting. Do not over cover the base of the rose, just cover the roots and no more of the plant than necessary. Mulch, Mulch, Mulch.....especially in winter months. I also am thinking about staking some of my plants because I have had wind damage in the past in certain areas. I underplant everything. Period. One summer of ugly leaves and you will too, I hide roses in the back of beds, and then the blooms are "highlights" not center stage. Last year in August I cut several roses back to 18 inches tall because they looked so horrible and stringy that I could not take another day of them. That was the best thing I did, I removed every leaf, sprayed them very good, and they came back fuller and lovely in October.

    Honestly, when people visit, they often miss what I think is the best plants in my garden. They go staight for the knockouts ,that are covered with blooms and miss my teas with one tiny bud opening... but to me that one bloom is worth weeks of waiting!

    Oh one last thing.... don't give more than $10 for a rose bush. There are wonderful roses for little money, I know that the big names are lovely, but in a few years they will be less money too. I have replaced so many, and wished I had never spent the money on them. The old favorites are favorites for a reason....they do good, come back and last!

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  4. They don't make ironwork like this anymore. Great pioctures


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