Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day!


Good Morning, and Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.  I was lucky enough to have breakfast made for my by these two beauties.  This was taken yesterday at the visitors center in Madison, IN.


I just had to show you one of my favorites pictures of big sister.  I made her smell the peony and it turned out so pretty!


We spent the whole day together, hubby, the girls and I…. looking at houses and gardens.  I can’t think of a better Mother’s Day than that!  Especially since we spent 5 hours in the car traveling too. 


One of the Mother’s Day gift’s I am going to give myself…. is to make a couple of these!  Aren’t they adorable?  


The lady glued them together and had them hanging from a tree…. beautiful!


I thought I was in heaven that they had a farmers market with plants!  The only trouble is we walked it all yesterday and my truck was about 3 miles away!  By the time we we’re back I made hubby drive by again and it was over.  But what a wonderful thing to do on a Saturday morning!  


Hubby and the girls waiting on me to get done looking at plants!


A closer look at the lovely fountain…. just beautiful, I love the color it has aged to.


We did a bit of shopping and had a lovely lunch downtown.


Many of the restaurants have outdoor seating….but it was only 55 degrees yesterday!  Burr!!


I loved all the old planters scattered around downtown.


And the signs telling all the history of the area….

So what is the plan for Mother’s Day?  Well I have already been fed thanks to the girls, now I just need to get out in the garden…. we have 3 new big trees to plant.  This evening my mom and dad are coming over.  I will be fixing grilled chicken and the fixings…. and probably bake a cake after while, all with the girls help…. of course! 

A nice relaxing day at home, well, excepts hubby has to help me dig three huge holes in the yard!!!!

Happy Mother’s Day Everyone…..Brooke


  1. That is my kind of Mother's Day celebration. Those peonies along the fence are breathtaking as is your lovely daughter.

  2. If I could just work a brick fence with a lovely iron gate into my surroundings, it would be a dream come true.


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