Thursday, May 6, 2010

Garden Greetings….. and FF Blooms


It’s time again to join my friend Tootsie for Fertilizer Friday.

It is a fun way to see what is in bloom in our gardens.


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Today I have been busy at helping at my daughters school.  Yesterday was crazy too, so I feel like I have been gone for days!  This weekend we will be gone too, and I am in need of a garden fix!

IMG_5465 Today it was nice to pull up the driveway and see that my newest peony has opened.  This peony is Adrienne, I believe, and much better than I even hoped for in bloom.


It’s color and yellow centers remind me of the regosa roses I have planted on the other side of the house.


Here is a very good bloom on the rose I bought at the garden club sale last year.  It was only a few dollars and I have no idea the name, but I think it is a very old rose.  I love the soft pink petals.


Evening primrose, all in a line….. are just starting to bloom.  I cannot decide if this is a great little plant or a pest, it self seeds everywhere, but it is pretty in the right location.


One of my new roses, an amber flower carpet.  The blooms are a mix of peach, pink and yellow.  I like it very much so far, just right for the spot it’s in.


Finally, a good picture of the white hearty geranium…. I want to start this in many more places.


Isn’t this a great blue, and it matches the annual behind it.  It is one of the free irises I got a couple of weeks ago.  Only two have bloomed so far this one and a wine and gold one.


I know I have taken a bunch of pictures of this lately, but the honeysuckle is divine right now, it smells so nice when you go up to the deck.

IMG_5481 White “Snow Queen?” Dephiniums are blooming, these are new to me, and I really like them.


My mock orange is blooming for the first time!  I have had it 3 years and this is the first time it flowered.


All the weigelas are putting on a show, but this pink it my favorite.


This one is wine and roses, and I think every garden should have one.  It is a perfect shrub, easy to maintain, not fussy, pretty foliage and great blooms to boot!


But this is my favorite, a new birdhouse I found for only $10!   I love it, it has four little houses, you know I love them…. maybe it’s another addiction!  Oh well…. Happy Fertilizer Friday and Have a Great Weekend Garden Friends…..XOXO….Brooke


  1. Love the birdhouse! Building a few has been on my 'to do' list for years... never enough time for everything! Larry

  2. Your blooms are lovely! I would love to come and be a part o fyour garden! Love your birdhouses too...Paula from Idaho

  3. Hello! I love love all of your photos! I see that you have roses. Aaah, my favorite. :) I'm going to visit around your blog and hope you don't mind me following along. Come visit my blog. I'll be honored if you follow along too.

  4. Everything looks wonderful but that pink rose is picture perfect!

  5. Oh I just love your birdhouse. My hubby is always making me birdhouse but just the basic old house, wish he had this talent. Where did you get such a beauty and for just $10 bucks!! PS love your flowers too!

  6. So lovely! The delphiniums are beautiful -- a dream of mine some day.

  7. like everyone else our first comment is about that terrific birdhouse - what a feature in the garden and such a bargain - its so eyecatching. I've never visited your blog before though I recognise so many on your blogroll - so I have to thank Tootsie for leading me here. Youre right about your peony - it looks just like a rugosa rose.

    My flowering carpet roses did not like our harsh UK winter and have been so slow to regrow this year but I do like your orange one - my cerise pink one died but I still have my yellow and red ones.

    I've so much I could chat to you about and your lovely photos but I really like the texture of the white delphinium.

    I hope to visit you again. Have a lovely weekend :) Rosie

  8. Your gardens are so beautiful...I will be spending some time browsing backwards through your posts.

  9. your birdhouse is absolutely gorgeous!!! The flaunt today was fantastic! I love seeing what everyone has blooming and you certainly do have a lot! thanks for linking in today...I have very much enjoyed my visit..and hope you will share with Fertilizer Friday again!

  10. The birdhouse was a good find, you're right! Your flowers are so pretty and you have so many blooming. The amber rose is a beautiful color.

  11. aloha,

    what beautiful spring colors, i love all the dusty purples and mauves especially on your peony and roses, gorgeous birdhouse!

    thanks for sharing this today :)

  12. Your flowers are all so pretty. I loved seeing the evening primrose! I still ahve my fingers crossed that ours will return this year.

  13. I don't know where to start, everything is so beautiful...each bloom is favorite is that beautiful old pink rose, I love it....the eye candy here is magnificent!!!


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