Sunday, May 9, 2010

Beautiful Statues on the Garden Tour


Once again,  I am posting pictures taken from the “Madison In Bloom” Garden Tour.  Some of these are also from around this beautiful town.  I don’t think I could even pick a favorite….they were all beautiful.



This one was very interesting, it is concrete like one I have and they stained it…. I wonder if it will flake or fade over time?  I really like the color they made it, that would match some other things in my garden very well.  See, the birds are left natural and the rest colored by a concrete tint.




This garden was not on the tour, but this you could see over the fence….. the next picture is from the same garden….


This was breathtaking in person.  I just have the one angel in my garden….but I must tell you… I may have to add more after seeing these.

Happy Gardening…..Brooke

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  1. Oh so beautiful! I think statues adds character to a garden. :) Very lovely.


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