Sunday, April 18, 2010

Where to Start!


Okay, as I said in my last post, I spent all day yesterday at an older garden in which they wanted “all grass” and all the plants removed.  I cannot believe all that was there, 90% of it was the run of the mill “spreaders”  like shasta daisy, mint, yarrow, black eyed susans….


As you can see, the entire bed of the truck was full!  She even gave me an arbor that my hubby says he can fix and we’ll clean it up for the front sidewalk….. I’ll post when this happens… anyway…. Here is what I brought home…. 4 clematis, 5 roses, 6 big clumps of astilbe, 5 big starts of lilyturf,  a pink peony, 25 big starts of daylily, and at least 60 irises, maybe more. 

The sad thing is, I hardly made a dent in this older garden!



But they were all huge plants, here you can see astilbe,  variegated lilyturf, and a daylily.  When I say a start, I mean huge plants!  I have no idea the colors of anything, it will be fun to see what they are.


I found 5 rose bushes and a few evergreens that I was able to dig up…. so many things were just too big to move.  The trunk of these roses are huge, they have to be 10 years old or older…. I am most excited about these.


But she has TONS of irises…. and this is after I put buckets of them out…. this is what I have left over!  I am going to work again today in the garden.


But this is what I am most curious about…. she had 4 huge clumps of alliums!  I have no idea what kind, but they are huge with a rounded top foliage… at least 30 inches tall already.  This is the first year I have planted alliums, and mine are starting to bloom.  So now I have about 35 more bulbs planted around the butterfly garden – hill area.  Who knows what kind they are, but the foliage is very pretty, a good accents and it stood up straight, not flopping over.  Any idea what I have here?


Anyway, it was hard work, and it is not done yet, but I had good helpers and it was a neat experience.  I have been invited back to “get more” and I think I will once more things are up and I can tell what they are.  The daylilies I put out by the road in the wildflower beds.  Once they bloom and if I live the colors, they can come up by the house!  I am funny that way, I have too many plants to waste a spot on something I am not 100% sure of.  But that is the fun of it…. watching and waiting for the blooms!

Happy Gardening Everyone…..Brooke


  1. How fun! It's a gardeners dream. I have gone to abandoned homesites and dug up things before. Mostly tall campanula, hostas and daffodils.

  2. How wonderful to be the benefactor of so many plants!

  3. How exciting this is! I'd love it. And you know, it doesn't really matter what colors or types you have; it's the joy of free flowers being planted and then blooming. Like a huge surprise present.

  4. Jackpot!! What a blessed gardener you the cute helper.

  5. Well Brooke, You picked the perfect place to start: Your sweet little helper. She sure is a shy thing in front of the camera, isn't she? LOL

    How exciting! I love opportunities like this where freebies abound; exhilaration with the element of mystery and hard work to keep it all in perspective. I hope you'll keep us updated on the blooms. The alliums look wonderful, nice fat bulbs. I'm with you on the flower colors...wait and see what you've got then move them accordingly to avoid clashing.

    Oh happy day. Loving your score.


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