Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stop and Smell….


The Lilacs!  I love this true pink one….it is James MacFarlane and I am pruning it to be a standard.


They are beautiful right now….even if they are tiny!  I just planted them in my new garden area.  This is Miss Kim, a dwarf variety.


And the honeysuckle is starting to bloom!  This is Goldflame, and it is beautiful growing up the steps to my deck.


And my Old Fashioned Pink Wilgea… also called Bush Honeysuckle…. it has a light fragrance and lovely blooms.


But the most delicious this morning is the Immortality Iris…. I was not expecting such a sweet fragrance from a reblooming iris.  I have heirloom irises that smell, but this new variety was very surprising.  I have it all down the pink roses side of my house, the area you can see from the road.  I hope it reblooms for me!

Okay, I have to get busy…. Happy Gardening Everyone…..Brooke


  1. A Garden Tour? That's sounds like a lot of pressure to me. Your gardens are just beautiful, I know you will be a huge hit! What type of name tags will you use?

  2. I think just index cards with a number on it, then a sheet with the names of the plants for each number. Then you can circle the ones you want to find out more about.

  3. Lilacs are difficult to grow here because our winters are not cold enough. I've always wanted to try one. They are so beautiful.


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