Thursday, April 29, 2010

I could never make it without my lists!


Today is a get things done day.  And I have a list.  I am constantly making lists it seems. (Mountain Bluet)


It started out simple enough, grocery lists, things for the kids to do…like clean your room, trash….ect.  But now a days they are getting more complex.  (Purple Sensation Allium)


Like very specific lists of plants to move to where.


Like the names of plants to mark for the garden tour. (I love this combination of Bluet, Iris and Alliums)


Projects, paint colors, where to go, what to look for.  (Russell Lupine)


I have lists everywhere….. (Chives)


Times to fertilize, feed the roses, spray for bugs….  (Hearty Geraniums)


Even when to cut back perennials for the best flush in June!  (Immortality Iris…my favorite right now)

IMG_5344  How did things get so complicated?  Aren’t we country gardeners suppose to be carefree?  (Rugosa Roses, over 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide already this year)


My garden may look scattered….but let me tell you…. it’s more planned than you know! (Peony almost ready to bloom…I cannot wait!)


Okay, as promised….a preview of the new kitchen garden!  I have been planting away down there and my vines are starting to come up.  Cannot wait to show you more as it fills in!

Happy Gardening….Brooke


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