Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!


Good Morning!  I thought I would take a minute to say “Happy Earth Day!”  I have been super busy planting new borders in my garden and to celebrate Earth Day I will add more…lol….  I just love this picture, if you know who to credit, let me know…. it is from the web and it is something I want to do in my new kitchen garden area.  So Cute!!!


So let me share what I have been doing the last two weeks.  I have helped Elementary students plant over 200 Zinnias!


I am the Coordinator of an Volunteer Organization and we have been teaching kids about gardening.


I have a presentation that lasts about 20 minutes about all kinds of plants and wildlife in our area.


Then they get to plant their own seeds.


Hopefully the Zinnias will be ready to bring home for Mother’s Day.  I have been organizing events like this with my new job all year with the schools.  I work with Senior Volunteers and the Nursing Homes.  It just goes to prove you are never too old or too young to Garden!

Happy Earth Day Everyone…..Brooke


  1. Hi Brooke~~ How fun. What precious pupils you have! And they're so lucky to be under your tutelage. And of course I'm sure the sunny weather didn't hurt either.

    I can't tell you who the "Grandma-crow" is but she's more likely to attract visitors than scare them off. Love her!

  2. All are blessed to know you, Brooke.


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