Monday, April 5, 2010

Early April in my garden….


Yes!! Finally some blooms to share with you!!


My garden seems behind in blooming this year.


But today it seems everything popped open at once.


This is a pretty combination,  Mediterranean pink heather and Begonia 'Pig Squeak', Begonia cordifolia…. such a funny name for a cute plant!


My tulips look a bit rough, the Easter Bunny ate all but 5 of them!  See how they are chewed up…..


Old Fashioned Spirea….. So pretty.


And look at all the shoots on my new clematis….with columbine at the base…. love them.


A new blue spruce out by the road, it was one of our Christmas trees this year.  It had been in a large container since November, but doing good.


The daylily and hostas are popping up, Scooby is in the background.


This is my new potting bench hubby made me.  I love the bright green color!


I am doing a new garden/play area under the deck, so these are the colors we are using.  Going to plant some bright blooms there for the summer!

I will have more pics to come….been working a bunch lately, both with my jobs and outside!

Happy Gardening….Brooke


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  1. Hi Brooke~~ Kudos to hubby. What a fabulous potting bench. I love the plantings in front of the rocks. Apparently so does the Easter Bunny. :) I've got tulips just about to open in my rock garden out front. I'm hoping the deer stay away just long enough for me to enjoy them. I should probably get some of that repellent spray... I like the columbine foliage carpeting the base of the clematis. Very clever!

    BTW, please don't hate me, the consummate know it all. I'm at it again, however I thought you should know that you wrote "Begonia" but it's actually "Bergenia." One of my favorite plants too.

    Your blog is always such a treat. I look forward to seeing your new garden/play area. Cheers.

  2. I am envious, inspired, fascinated by your beautiful garden and your wish list....I will be putting some of the same plants on my own wish list.
    Have you ever tried Abraham Darcy---David Austin rose? Smells gorgeous and does so its pink with tons of petals.

  3. Oh the garden is always on's time anyway...darling potting bench, good job husband!

  4. Things are looking great your way! You're probably a couple weeks ahead of us. I love your potting bench!


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