Sunday, February 14, 2010

Give Me Roses….For My Garden

Picture 445

Happy Valentines Day Garden Friends!

Picture 059

I hope you are having an enjoyable weekend with your sweeties.

Picture 190

We are planning on spending the day snuggled in by the fire.

Picture 170

They are calling for up to six inches of snow tonight.

Picture 300

So I thought for Valentines Day I would give you some roses this morning.

Picture 357

The best kind I think…the ones with roots.

Picture 425

I did notice all the pretty roses in the stores the last few days.

Picture 362

And they we’re pretty to look at…. but where is the smell?

Picture 280

So I will take my rose bouquets' looking like this….from my own garden.

Picture 442

Or any of these will do nicely….

Picture 407

Of course I have to wait a bit for delivery.


I am guessing they’ll be here late in May….

Picture 467

But that is okay, I am a gardener….

Picture 257

I am use to the waiting…..

Picture 429

But that does not mean I enjoy it!

Hurry spring…I am missing my roses…. Have a great day Valentine’s Day everyone.


And Happy Gardening…..Brooke

(All of the photos from my own garden, May of 2009.  Most all are listed on my sidebar with photos and links with more information.)


  1. What a beautiful collection of roses you have in your garden. I am just chomping at the bit to get out in my rose garden. But I must wait at least until March to get started. I always want to have blooms for Mother's Day Weekend.

    Great post!

  2. Hi Brooke, Just when I thought your blog couldn't get any prettier! What dazzling roses and the vintage maiden is delightful. I'm like you. I can't remember the last time my hubby bought me roses or any cut flowers for that matter. They're great for others but like you, I'll wait for the delivery. Your Climbing America in the sidebar is a must-have. I think I'll be tearing up the lawn. :) Stay warm.

  3. Hi, this is my first visit to your blog and i think it is very attractive. This post on roses is very charming. Is any rose left? you put them all together. The sketch is superb.

  4. Hi,your roses are Beautiful,as are all your pictures.Smiles to you.


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