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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

2010 Wish List #8 --- Reblooming Bearded Irises

Photo © Ted Baker

My love for old fashioned flowers is never ending.

Photo © Ted Baker

I think of my plantings as “Grandma’s Garden” plants.

The new things are wonderful, but I look for the hard to find… not on every landscapers list plants.


One of my favorite things to do is getting plants from old homesteads.  My local garden club is also wonderful to pass along old varieties of wonderful plants.

This is a continuation of my 1st item on my wish list…. Variegated Iris.  You can see that post here .   It also shows some of the irises I already have in my garden.

I haven't found the variegated irises yet, but here is some irises I purchased on eBay!

The following 4 varieties came from this seller….Check it out.

Painted Cloud – Reblooming Bearded Iris

Best Bet – Reblooming Bearded Iris

Pass The Wine – Reblooming Iris

Clarence - Reblooming Bearded Iris

And one I ordered more of, but already had a bit of…. Immortality Reblooming Bearded Iris.  It was a deal I could not pass up….

5 starts for $6.00 (included shipping!)

If you have read my posts, you know I love a deal!

So why is this still a wish list if I have them?

Because I want the to REBLOOM in the fall!!!

So please, if you are an iris person, tell me… is there a secret?

Or is it a wait and see/ depends on the year thing.

I’d love to know…. until then…..

I am going to enjoy planning on where their new homes will be!

Happy Gardening…..Brooke

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