Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Morning!!

(The picture is from June of last year, and it is "Outta the Blue" rose and yarrow.)

Good Morning Friends.... it is foggy and cold here in So. Indiana. BLAH!

Yesterday I took a trip to get the mail and ended up spending the better part of the afternoon poking around in my flower beds. I know we need to keep our little friends "tucked in" under debris, but it was driving me crazy. I got some shears and chopped down most of the mess. It looks so much better, not good enough to but better.

While I was out digging around, I found several things growing... and it isn't even Feb. yet! My new pink and white daffodils are up about an inch and I have new buds on all my hydrangeas. We lost our blooms last year with a late frost... I have my fingers crossed.

The funny thing is.... I planted so many new bulbs and things over the past year, I have forgotten what I have. Did I just look at them, or is that one of the ones I bought?

Does anyone else have this problem....I'm sure you do. At least I have a good support system.

We'll all have fun walking around in circles looking at the ground.
I know I do.

Happy Gardening.....Brooke

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  1. I do lots of walking in cirlces! I forget what I have all the time but it's a surprise every spring!

  2. I haven't moved or pruned any debris or dead plants yet. I am constantly saying to my husband, I don't remember planting that there, or what is this coming up here? It's fun that way!!

  3. Love this rose! Have heard of it, but not seen it until now. It's time to spray my roses with Lime Sulphur to kill mold spores. Before long, it will be time bloom time!

  4. I enjoyed your wish list. I won't be in the garden any time soon. It's all stilled buried under snow! Love the anticipation tho, just like Christmas. Jean

  5. Yes indeedie Brooke. Not just with bulbs either. Anything that has gone under for the winter. Even things in pots that should have a label but don't. I suppose it makes spring more entertaining. Oh surprise!


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