Monday, January 4, 2010

Angels Galore….Christmas #4

Picture 023

This lovely lady is one of the our girls’ favorites.

Picture 024

She is a bit out of shape…for she has been played with a bit I think. She might just be “queen of the Barbie's” when mom is not looking!

Picture 056

I love angels all year round, but at Christmas they pretty much steal the show.

Picture 057

This is not the best picture, but this was a vinyl cling that is easily removed for next year. I really think they are fun. I got this one at Wal-Mart for a couple dollars.

Picture 105

This angel might look familiar…. it the one I bought for the garden.

Picture 106

He is so pretty, that he came inside for safe keeping this winter. This is my favorite accent spikes….they look like ice has formed on them… so neat!

Picture 105

Here is a close up.

Picture 106

I have an electric accent candle in a rusted looking wire urn and it casts a pretty shadow on the wall and angel at night. Loads of greenery here as well.

My dh’s friends tell us we need to take the weed-eater inside…lol. But these flowers never needs watering!

More to come….Brooke


  1. Brooke, I love your angels and decor around them.I can see where the first angel might be a tempting Barbie party attender. ;-)

  2. Hi Brooke~~ Your blog is so pretty. Forgive me for my hit and miss visiting. Your angel is lovely. I can see how kiddos would be quite enamored. It must have been a very magical Christmas at your house. Best wishes for 2010.


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