Monday, January 4, 2010

After the mess….or Christmas #5

Picture 122 So here is the entry today, and yes…..there are still trees up! 

Picture 121

Four of them in fact, but these are my “nature trees”…. filled with flowers and even little birds.

Picture 032

I love the idea of filling them with berries and pine cones, mine this year are real ones with cinnamon scents. 

Picture 033

There are several little birds tucked inside…. I got them on clearance at JoAnn’s Fabrics this fall.

Picture 125

On top is two more little trees, an antique box ( one of my favorite things) and even a spittoon we got as a wedding present!  (Yes, really….but we love it)


This is very different than how the entry was before….but we had to make room…..


Because this……

Picture 014

Become this!  We have a new fireplace!  It is propane and we love it!

So now what use to hold the TV, is on the entry.  And I love the idea of the girls putting their backpacks and school stuff in there to hide the mess.

My family jokes about me…. “It may all look good, but don’t open her closets!”

And yes…there is more to come!



  1. Your decorations are beautiful! Very festive. I hope you had a lovely holiday!

  2. Beautiful addition, I know you are proud!!

  3. Your home is so lovely! I might add the same thing about my house. Everything on the surface "looks" good, but beware and stand back if you happen to open a closet door!


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