Monday, January 4, 2010

The 12 ft tree… or Christmas 2009 #1

Picture 005

I know, I am bad….not blogging for over a month.  We had a wonderful Christmas, but it has been non-stop around here.  But this morning the school bus came around, and all weekend I have been cleaning… so I have a bit of time this morning!

Picture 012

Here is my best attempts to capture our gigantic Christmas tree.  It is 12 feet tall and at least 5 feet wide.  It is in the entry, near our staircase.  And let me tell you, it takes up the entire entry.  But we have a beveled glass entry door and wow…it sparkles as you come in.

Picture 008

This is the 3rd year we have put up this tree…. and I think I finally have enough ornaments!  This year it was all in cream and gold with bits of silver.  It have two full tubs of just ornaments for this tree alone.

Picture 011   As you can see it towers up to the top of the staircase.  It takes me every bit of three days to put up, and sadly about 2 hours to rip down…lol.  We took it down Saturday after New Years.

Picture 003

But it is pretty to follow it all the way up the stairs and to see it from the loft.  I think that is the best view of it.

Picture 006

This is the best picture I could get of the ribbon and glitzy stuff I used as a topper.

But that time I am hanging off of my staircase to “fluff” it.  Being that far up is a challenge, but then adding the width makes it hard to even get close enough to be in arms reach.

There is a great debate going on as to if we will be putting the “big tree” up again next year…..  I love it for the girls, being 7 and 10, they really are wowed by it all.

But is a ton of work….. note to self next fall….try to remember the mess, backache and tons of glitter everywhere….lol.  We’ll see I guess!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I will be catching up with you soon I hope!

Happy New Year….and Happy Gardening…..Brooke


  1. That's a gorgeous tree!!! Welcome back.

  2. I love your golden tree. Love the topper. I had a gold and white one earlier but this season went back to red and green with toys and such for Noah.


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