Friday, October 23, 2009

New Driveway Beds…What I’ve Been Doing!

Picture 054

This project has been on my “to do” list for over 3 years now….the driveway!

Picture 050

I have looked in all my old files for a before picture and I guess I don’t have one.  It was kind of an eyesore, we would weed-eat around.   “It had potential”…but too far to water and it had to be “tough”.  The only thing that was there before was the irises.  And they did very well, so I divided them and added three boxwoods, the middle one is a golden variety, but it is hard to tell in the picture.  I am planning on adding more perennials and extending the bed in this area, but for now….it is looking good to me.

Picture 056

There is a good clump of zebra grass behind the light  pole.  It has a security light on it, and I am glad we have it.  It has been dark when the girls get on the bus in the morning….Indiana’s time is always messed up!  It’s dark here will 7:30 AM!

There are a mix of just about every kind of evergreens and two pink spireas.

Picture 047

My favorite of the new things is a “sunny” yellow knock-out rose.

Picture 048

It is a pretty yellow-cream double and it has a light scent.

Picture 049

The pyramidal yew is about the only tall shrub on this side.  I plan on adding blue spruces and pines later to the left of this.

Picture 056

Here you can see the irises too….  I will add more color in the spring.

Picture 046

Little junipers and pines look really good with the boulders.  These, like all my rocks we’re dug up when we did our walk out basement.  They would have been a fortune to have brought in, I love them…..but our contractor did not!

Picture 043

This is the opposite side….more evergreens.

Picture 042

This area and the fire-pit have a more rustic landscape design, but at least there will be something to look at all winter.

Picture 051 

I have to admit, I really do not like “basic shrubbery and evergreens” but there are just places we need them.  I tried to pick interesting varieties at least.  When I see other gardens I sometimes think I need more variety, mine really looks bad to me when everything dies back.

Picture 044

This is a pink bush honeysuckle and a few mums.  I got almost all of these plants on clearance here locally.  In all I added over 40 new evergreens and shrubs  both at this area and around my house.   Most I gave around $3.00 a piece for and bought smaller plants.  They will get big soon enough and I will have to get the pruners out!

My goal is a bit of color in the winter….and a few branches to cut for some arrangement fillers.   But that’s a long way off I think!

Happy Gardening~ Brooke


  1. We have certainly had the best weatehr for working in the garden. I like your project. Well done. I envy you your rocks. They are awesome.

  2. It looks good, Brooke! I really like the rocks too!

  3. The beds are very welcoming. Great job!

  4. Looking good...I can just picture it all filled in!! My daughter catches the bus at 5:58 a.m. it's very dark!

  5. You did great, Brooke! Good choice of flowers/shrubs. It'll fill in in no time! Have a great Sunday!


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