Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lets Go Shopping!


Yesterday was a beautiful day in Southern Indiana.  The weather was just perfect, a bit chilly in the morning and then the sun came out.  The perfect day to go shopping!

I have been slowly re-doing our master bedroom and went looking for ideas.  So yesterday I visited  Huntingburg, a small town not far from us.  It is one of my favorites.  It has a lovely old downtown area with tons of shops!  I brought my camera along and snapped a few pictures to share.


One of the first things I had to check are these  reclaimed garden pieces.

They are so lovely and HEAVY….no reproductions here, and the prices reflected it.  But I wanted to show you some of the beautiful things.  This black piece has large birds engraved on it.  Beautiful.  Notice the grates and gate next to it too…


This fountain was my favorite.  I didn’t even ask for a price.


She has several things, some of these are reproductions, and some are older.

The $159 price was just for the little statue, not the birdbath below it.


I’ll take it all…..load up the truck!  Isn’t everything lovely?


This is an arbor with gates, it was $200 I think….I have just the place for it…lol.


They also have furniture…I thought this table was just perfect.


I’d love to have this for my bedroom…but hubby thinks we need to keep a ceiling fan!



This tree turning is so pretty with the purple blooms….


Here is another shot….you could see it as you walked down Main Street.


This fern was HUGE…but still looking good.


But this standing planter stole the show.  I am looking for one of these.  It was just beautiful on a front porch of an older home.

I could have taken hundreds of pictures, but I wanted to bring you along to see a few of the great things there.  As for me, all I bought was 2 bracelets for $14 total….but they are sooo cute!  I am going to wear one to teach this afternoon.

I will post more pics later, I went to another town after this one.

Happy Gardening!



  1. Hi Brooke! What nice pieces! My style. When I have several gift certificates and cash gifts for my birthday or Christmas, I go shop to Seattle. I was able to buy several lovely pieces during sale days, plus a manager usually gives an additional discount if you talk to him/her. Good luck! Even a window shopping is rewarding, since we can get some ideas! I love this fountain, too, and bird bath, and....everything!

  2. I would never think to go to Huntingburgh to shop. What neat little shops there. I am glad you had a good time.

  3. What a fun day of shopping! You saw some wonderful items. I agree with you... I love the last planter stand. And filled with all of that fall color - how awesome! -Jackie

  4. I had to look closely to see if you were in Noblesville. It sure looks like it! I'm sure a lot of these small Indiana towns look similar.

    The table is gorgeous and I love the garden statuary and bird baths!

  5. So many fun finds! Isn't it wonderful to dream? Can't wait to see your final redo of the bedroom project! Happy hunting!

  6. it must be fun shopping, especially finding the nice perfect piece that you are looking for.

  7. Well, you have created a monster. Now I want to go peruse the shops.. and I am on a budget. So window shopping it is. Do you ever have employees get mad at you for snapping photos? I have had some pretty snarky employees in the past say stuff to me, like it's store policy to not take photos. It did not make me want to buy anything from them.

  8. Hey, Brooke, thanks for the fun tour of your shopping trip! Hope you and your girls are great...have been missing your posts ;)

  9. Hi Brooke,

    Thank you for the comments on Blotanical and for inviting me to visit. The tour was delightful; wish we were closer to visit those shops. ;)


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