Wednesday, October 21, 2009

End of Season Blooms…A Fond Farewell…..

Picture 006

I ventured out into the cold this morning for a few shots in the garden.

(The Fairy Rose)

Picture 002

It has been unseasonably cold here with a few hard freezes.

(Shasta Daisy)

Picture 036

So I thought I had better take a few pics while there is still something pretty to enjoy.

(Limelight Hydrangea)

Picture 035

I really must admit as much as I love fall.


Picture 038

It just breaks my heart to see the flowers leaving.

(Obedient Plant)

Picture 024

I am just not a cold weather person.

(Countrytime Rose)

Picture 005

But I am enjoying some 2nd time blooms like Candytuft that had reseeded.

Picture 030

And Sweet Alyssum that has really took off again, I pulled this all out in August b/c it got leggy and shook the blooms, now it is EVERYWHERE….but I love it.

Picture 016

One last daylily to enjoy.

Picture 022

A pretty salvia from seed…love this color.

Picture 018

Look at how beautiful all the strawberry plants are under my steps.   It started with one plant 2 years ago, and they just keep on coming.  I think they are pretty and even though they need more sun, they are a good groundcover.

Picture 017

Little baby hollyhocks and moss!  I love moss and try to place it on the rocks if I can.  It is so pretty, these seeds are heirloom…. I can’t wait to see the blooms next summer.

Picture 010

But this is my favorite thing from seed right now….. Purple Coneflower, planted in April this year.

Picture 013

I have it in several spots, you can see the frost just about got them Saturday night.

I guess the new thing in fall wreaths is to use the centers of these with the petals taken off in arrangements.  I can see that working, but I am in no hurry to pick them nor do I want to stop them from seeding.

Picture 019

The grasses are all doing really good right now, but this feather is my favorite.

Picture 040

Some blue cornflower has popped up again.

Picture 033

And the hostas are doing well, this one has a sweet scent.

Picture 034

And the Boston ferns still look great, which is a miracle….because I never water them.

Picture 029

The butterfly garden is showing it’s fall colors….

Picture 066

The big hostas are dying back, I will miss them so.

Picture 067

But my hyacinth bean vine has tons of seed for me to use next year…. I have 40 already!

Picture 071

Which just gets me excited for next year….Happy Fall Y’all!

(A cute sign I picked up at a yard sale!)

Picture 062

From our house to yours….Happy Gardening….Brooke


  1. Brooke, Your garden is too full of blooms to be fading away! Go away frosts! I wish the coneflowers bloomed that long here....they disappeared a while ago. it all looks so lovely. Happy gardening to you, too. gail

  2. What a beautiful farewell to the season! Great pics! -Jackie

  3. Your garden is still so beautiful, despite the end of the season. I particularly love the Fairy Rose and the White Shasta Daisy.

    I love Alyssum too. We just planted a bunch of it for our winter annuals. I just love their sweet fragrance.

  4. I can't believe how many flowers you still have blooming! My purple coneflower stopped blooming weeks ago. The flowers are obviously very happy in your garden!

  5. Thanks so much ladies, I agree it is late for the coneflowers. I think it is because they are from seed planted this spring. I did not think they would bloom at all this year, and almost all of them did in Early October. They got really tall too, which is pretty where they are. You can see them from the road, I love that. It seems not enough things "show up", but these do!

  6. Feel so sad to say farewell to all the beautiful flowers. I hope they all sleep well and bloom again for your coming spring.
    They all look so pretty and beautiful.

  7. Your gardens are jaw dropping gorgeous!!


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