Monday, October 19, 2009

Covered Bridge Festival


It’s fall in Indiana and that means it’s Covered Bridge Festival time!


Saturday morning we headed 2 and a half hours north to Parke County Indiana.

Picture 113

The drive up was really pretty, and for the first time in a week…the sun came out.

But it was far from warm, it only got up to the mid 50’s and a cold breeze all day.

But if you want the goodies…you got to brave the weather I guess!


Old Mansfield Village two2

This is an annual 10 day event that thousands of people attend religiously every fall.  I had not been for many years, but several of my friends take their vacation days to shop like crazy, and let me tell you….it is a huge event.


Is in Central Indiana and it is home to a large population of Amish residents.  It is known for it’s covered bridges and spectacular fall color.


My hubby went just for the food…and wow, they had everything.

Picture 114

I, of course, was more into the shopping.


It was a bit….yard sale….. rummage sale…. flea market.


But they have some nice things if you look for them.


And tons of holiday and fall things.

Picture 115


We went to Mansfield, that is the largest part, but the whole county has things going on.  It has a old mill and waterfall.



But it is best known for the covered bridge.


I had to snag a few pics from the web, but it is pretty.


It did not look like this Saturday…..there was people everywhere!


So if you get a chance in early October, come to Indiana for a bit.


And enjoy a bit of fall colors while your here!

Happy Gardening Everyone!



  1. I've heard so much about that but I always forget about it until it's too late! Maybe next year you can remind me when it is! We couldn't have gone this year anyway due to yucky virus in the family.

    Sounds like it would definitely be worth the trip anyway. From a photography standpoint, I'd rather not have the crowds!

  2. What a fun trip. The fall colors are lovely. Your photos bring back memories of similar trips when we lived in Canada.

  3. Hi Brooke- that looks like a fun festival to see! I love how much water you seem to have there. I love town festivals, they are always the best place to really find the good stuff!


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