Friday, October 16, 2009

Come on in…the Kitchen is WARM!

Picture 046

Hello Dear Friends…. hope you all are well on this cold (Winter) night.

I know it is not Winter yet….but darn it feels like it!

Picture 049

It has been so cold and rainy here all week.  I must say, I miss Fall.

Picture 035

It is one of my favorite times to decorate.

Picture 079

All of these are picture from my own kitchen.  This one is a very old pumpkin that my mom had when I was little…. somehow it survives….in this house it’s a wonder!

Picture 040

This shelf is new…I just love it….Made by a friend….

Picture 068

The perfect shade of green….

Picture 042

Boo!  The girls love these little things around the house.

Picture 050

I still remember many of our home’s decorations and my grandmothers things.

Picture 069

I think it is important to celebrate the seasons and make your space welcoming.

Picture 038

I have a “Charlie Brown” tree and wreath lit up on a buggy seat by the French doors.

Picture 063

It is pretty when you come in my back door.

Picture 065

The old coal stove has a spicy scented candle burning sweetly.  It is from hubbys grandfather’s home built in 1912.  It was used not too very long ago!

Picture 057

As you can see, my kitchen is “Fall” all year, the colors are pumpkin, sage and creams.

The cabinets are a “Cider” stained oak….. I am still shopping for the perfect knobs three years after the house is finished…lol.

Picture 062

And I love my plaid wallpaper and garden themed rug.  I only have paper on these two walls, but it is so pretty.  I am a wallpaper person I guess, and I love plaids.

Picture 064

This is a high chair I got at a flea market for $15 this spring…what a deal.  It needs refinished on the tray, but for now it is character….lol.

Picture 074

My husband’s friend is always telling me I need to Round-Up in here… there is things growing everywhere…  I have a ton of silk flowers and greenery.  It may be “out” but this decorator loves it.

Picture 083

But not everything is fake….I got this cute little mum from work last week.

Picture 080

And I just love the colors on this houseplant…it would be so lovely in a border!

Picture 084

So here it is October 16th and the “tree count” has started…. I have the little 30 inch one in the kitchen….

Picture 093

And two in the entry!


This area screams fall color all year round.  I love the rich reds and rusts in this paper.

You can see this area thru my front door and the lights on the tree just glow.

Picture 054

But they are Fall Trees, not Christmas…yet!  You see I am a Christmas decorating nut….I have a 12 foot tree I put in the entry that reaches the top of the stairs.  You can see it thru the 2nd story windows.  The stairs wrap around it and it is HUGE!


This is not the best picture of it, I cannot get is all in one shot, this is just the top half!

Last year I put up 9 trees total….one (or more) in almost every room.

Picture 086

But I just love the white lights on these cold gray days!  And I love to decorate too, the house seems really empty once I take everything down.  So I guess the season has begun…..  from outside to inside…nothing is ever simply done if I have anything to do with it.  But for now…. it is cold and rain. 


Weather like this  makes me want to snuggled in our warm house…. like Scooby here!


Have you ever seen such a sight…he is so spoiled.

I have been busy in the garden when I can be.  If the sun ever comes back out I will take some pics of new beds I have worked on lately.

Happy Fall Everyone…enjoy it if you can!



  1. GEEZ LOUISE!! Your home is so the fall colors and I also like plaid. I am going to add you to my bloglist, I can learn a thing or two from you...Scooby if precious!!

  2. Wow, I feel so inadequate! Your home looks amazing and I can't believe you have places to store all that in the off months! Very welcoming and pretty~

  3. Now you have me encouraged, I'll have to start looking for a skinny little tree to put in my entry and use it as a seasonal tree. Lovely fall decorations; I can't wait to see your Xmas offerings!

  4. Brooke, your kitchen is so warm and inviting! Lovely decor and heavenly scented...I especially love the old family coal stove! Season decorating has become less of a 'thing' for me as the kids grew older but I still go all out at xmas ;)

  5. Everything is so pretty! I love fall too! I don't have the funds or storage space to decorate things as I would like, but I do a few things to try and make things festive.

  6. Great fall decorations! Your kitchen is so warm and inviting. The colors are wonderful! I love the plaid paper too. Jean

  7. Brooke, you are so good! The decorations, the pictures, the dog, and the shelf made by a friend - I like it all! Have a great fall!

  8. Thank you for the tour through your cozy home.You have everything looking so pretty. I love your big tree by the stairs- that would be so welcoming both inside and out.
    I love to decorate for Christmas too!

  9. Your house is so beautiful inside and out! I love the autumn displays - so creative and very cozy. I can't wait to see all those Christmas trees. -Jackie

  10. Your house really has a welcoming fall look. I can almost smell the bread baking, the apple pie spice and all those other things that remind us of the coming season. You really are a creative country mum.


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