Monday, September 7, 2009

Seeing Red….In A Good Way!


I know these are not the best pictures….




I have tried up-teen times to take a good shot of these red blooms….




And on camera they are too bright….but in person they are a deep velvety red.



It is a Mister Lincoln Tea Rose, and every year I think it gets better.

You can find them everywhere and they smell wonderful too.

It really pops in the bed of light pink “The Fairy” mini’s around it.

Earlier there was pink Hollyhock blooming behind it and purple larkspur and white yarrow in the bed, but they have died back….it is very fall-like here.

We have had over 7 inches of rain in 3 days.  It has been a yucky wet holiday.

So we are snuggled in to the house.  The girls have had some play dates, and we might go to town in a bit….but it is a quiet Labor Day around here. :)

Have a great day…..Brooke


  1. I too have difficulty photographing reds. Your roses are lovely.

  2. Hi Brooke! I love Mr.Lincoln rose, they are so fragnant! Mine got very tall.

  3. Beautiful reds! I bet these are even more lovely in person!


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