Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Love Those Purple Blooms!!!!


Of all the new seeds I tried this year, this is my favorite.


This Hyacinth Bean is almost in complete shade and it is lovely.  It has bloomed and bloomed and the purple seed heads are so shiny and pretty too.  I will collect seed for next year.  The foliage has been nice too, a deeper green with burgundy in it, which I love.


And here is my second favorite…..Moss Verbena (shown with Obedient Plant)


Wow, it has such pretty fern like foliage and wow, the blooms.  Here you can see how well it blends with pinks and purples. 

I think I will always grow this Verbena and not buy the annuals in pots each year.  It has been an easy one and truly, the show is spectacular.


But I have to add, as so many gardeners dislike obedient plant and pink evening primrose….I love mine.  Yes, they are super aggressive and spread like crazy.  But I just yank them out, give them away….or have more plants for new beds.

And the color this time of year when so much is finished is a huge bonus.


Happy Gardening…..Brooke


  1. Love that Hyacinth Bean. I have a lot of shade. I need to try it. Thanks!

  2. Lovely! I love purples, too! Need to get that bean for my garden!

  3. Definitely beautiful flowers you've got growing, especially grown from seed and not transplants! Beautifully done. I love the look of the Obedient plant, but have been afraid to grow it because I hear of their aggressive nature. I may cave in one day and plant it :) BTW, stop by my blog to enter the drawing to win a $25 gift certificate to Burpee's! Drawing ends tomorrow.

  4. Thanks for the insight. I haven't thought about looking on eBay for seeds, so I appreciate your advice!

  5. I love your Hyacinth Bean I can't believe it grew so much this year I would love some seeds must look on line.

  6. My hyacinth bean didn't do anything this year. I think it was over run by the morning glories.

    Love all your pinks and purples together!

  7. Everything is gorgeous in your garden...and I love obedient plant, too. So far, it hasn't been invasive in my garden...but I did just put my plants in this summer. I had never even heard of it until a couple of months ago, and I'm smitten with it!


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