Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy September and I’ve Missed You!!

Picture 160

I love Fall, and it certainly feels like it here, but as always….I am almost too busy to enjoy it!

Picture 158

As you might know I am a sub. teacher during the school year.  But this year I took an additional part time position as a volunteer coordinator at a local university.

Picture 159

So I have had some travel and training to do the last few weeks.  But I love my new job, and it has been fun seeing all my “kids” at school.

Picture 143

But it is a bit hard to go from gardening everyday to just doing a few things on the weekend. 

Picture 136

Basically all I have been doing lately is cleanup and trimming.

Picture 139

And enjoying all the colors…. I love fall and have several fall blooms yet.

Picture 131

All of the annuals from seed are so pretty, like this hyacinth vine.

Picture 129

And morning glory….

Picture 135


Picture 137

Obedient Plant, Pink Evening Primrose, Hostas and Hydrangea

Picture 134

As you can see is still have loads blooming.  The star of the show is the purple moss verbena from seed.  I have more for next year….I just love it.

Picture 147

And the Lucy Altheas are loaded….they are so pretty at the fire pit.  This picture is a bit past it’s peak, but you can see it had hundreds of blooms over several weeks.

Picture 145

Another angle and you can see both.

Picture 055

Scooby  has been enjoying the low 80 degrees weather….

Picture 098

Teddy looking sweet for the camera…he is getting his winter rolls a bit early!  Poor thing…. he gets all the scraps!

Picture 051

We have been spending time fishing….

Picture 125

Camping in the backyard….

Picture 112

Enjoying the lake….

Picture 113

and thanking god everyday for such a pretty place….

Picture 078

To raise two beautiful wonderful girls.

Thanks for stopping by…..Brooke


  1. I've missed you too! I was wondering where you were! Glad you have a job that you enjoy, especially since it keeps you from your beautiful home and gardens.

  2. I was just wondering the other day what you have been up to. I figured you were busy getting the girls ready for school. Great to see that all is well and life is good.

  3. Beautiful, Brooke! Lucky you're still enjoying roses and I love the kids' fishing photos with the mist. Summer's end is always so bittersweet...

  4. Your garden, landscaping, and surrounds are absolutely stunning. It's a real treat to stop by and see what's lurking and growing in your plot of land! I know what you mean about being so busy that it leaves little time to tend to the gardens; but yours seem to have survived and thrive! What beautiful countryside you have surrounding. I love the picture of your kids fishing.

  5. Great photos lovely flowers and glad you are enjoying the new job.

  6. Hi Brooke...the colors in your garden are lovely. nice pictures..

    *Urban Green says hi to your family*


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