Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garden bloggers bloom day….Lets Talk Roses!


I finally remembered a bloom day on the actual day!


This is a monthly event hosted by May Dream Gardens….check out the link above for other beautiful blooms!  This happens every month on the 15th.


I have to comment about this picture from Better Homes and Gardens.  It has a lovely rose bloom….but read the text….”better resistance to common diseases….” and this rose clearly has black spot.  Oh my…. well it is not alone….


Here is my Tamora Rose, another David Austin Rose and it is in sad shape.  I have sprayed it all summer and it still blooms….but it is looking really bad today.


But not all look like that…this is Countytime.  I cut it back to 12 inches in June and removed all the leaves and mulch.  Now it looks really good, I missed a cycle of blooms….but that is fine with me.


Painted Moon, I did the same with this one…now look at the shiny green leaves.


The bright pink blooms of Rugosa Rosa…


And the red rose hips are a favorite of the birds…..soon you will see them fighting over them right outside my windows.


The Fairy floribunda rose…..I have over a dozen of these.  Very soft dainty blooms and killer thorns that have my legs constantly scratched from weeding next to them.


The landscape roses in the butterfly garden are doing good too.  I bought them for $2 a piece last fall!  They came back just fine…I love a good bargain!

I will come back and click all the links to other gardens tonight after my girls go to bed….what a treat to see so many pretty things!

Come back and visit again soon.



Happy Gardening….Brooke