Thursday, September 10, 2009

Favorite Flower…..Hollyhocks


Well most of you know my long lasting love for roses….

but I must admit, hollyhocks have a special place in my heart.

When my husband and I first planted a garden together, Zebrina HH’s were one of our best “do-ers”….to this day it is an essential plant in my garden.


But this year I am going HH crazy and planting several new beds with big drifts of HH’s.


I love the idea of big rows rows bright colors….along a path or fence.


They just reach for the sky and shine….with so many different colors.


And I think they are so pretty from bud….


to bloom….


I have mostly doubles now….pink and white….

hollyhock_creme_de_cassis (1) by anniesannuals.

But I recently purchased some lovely seeds….like

Creme De Cassis Hollyhock

Double Red Hollyhock September 20  2008 Raw-0009small by _Anaya_.

And a lovely double red variety….

and even an assortment of 33 different kinds on EBay!

(I just cannot wait to see them….it will be like Christmas for me…lol)

But my best ones have came from a seed mix called “Indian Spring”

They are singles, but very pretty reds, white and pinks.

Mine were planted late spring and bloomed the first year.

And the seed was very inexpensive….I bought 3 plants for $5 last spring.

I have over 40 starts from one lg seed packet for less then $1!

You can’t beat that…and guess what?

Now is the perfect time to plant seeds.

I have some babies about 1/2 inch tall right now.

Picture 434

I know the bugs like to munch on them….but if you end up with beautiful color like this….

Picture 472

I don’t even see the marks….I just see the blooms.


And I am already missing them….but they will be back with more beautiful blooms next year….especially the zebrina….she has a tendency to wander….lol.

But I think that is a good thing!

Happy Gardening….Brooke


(Some photos in the post borrowed from the net)


  1. Gorgeous Hollyhocks Brooke! I especially love your second and third photo... so lovely... and the large tree in the distance with the landscape just draws me into your photo. It takes quite awhile for the tree hydrangea to come into itself... don't give up on it for a few years if you can. Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend. Carol

  2. Thanks Carol, I will keep it in it's spot a bit longer, lol.... There is a yucky house on the highway that is really run down, but every summer it has tons of hollyhocks blooming. I look for it every year and wonder just how long they have been there. My seeds are coming in the mail every few days.... I have been running out and planting the hh's as soon as I get I will have them coming out my ears!

  3. Love all your hollyhocks. Thankyou for the reminder to plant some new seeds now.


  4. I'm really impressed with your hollyhocks. Very nice! Looks as though you have plenty of space for them, which is really nice.

  5. I looove your blog! I found it while looking for heirloom hollyhocks, and my goodness! What beauty and inspiration!


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