Monday, August 3, 2009

Rain every day brings beautiful blooms…..

Picture 004

Without a doubt it is beautiful here….Red Heart Althea

Picture 005

By this time last year the grass was brown and crunchy….Snow Fountain White Guara

Picture 008

But I have to say… I haven’t had the hose out in weeks….Mister Lincoln Rose

Picture 009

And thing still look happy…. we’ll sedum would be happy either way….Red Sedum

Picture 021

Especially my grasses…..Karley Rose Fountain Grass…..  Oh I love this grass!!!

Picture 026

These are the best they have ever bloomed….Rudbeckia Goldstrum.

Picture 029

I will have to thin them out this fall…. they are taking over.  Last year they were 4 little patches of yellow….lol.

Picture 035

Autumn Joy Sedum is turning colors…

Picture 034

Huge Mallow blooms…..the leaves are really getting tore up from bugs.

Picture 023

My favorite for last…. Countrytime Rose and Phlox! 

It just dances in the sun…. and waits for the next drops of rain!

Here is what I am talking about-----



Perfect garden weather… I have no excuses.

But still so much to do…. but have you ever heard of weather like this in Southern Indiana…..  weird….but nice.

Happy Gardening…….Brooke


  1. The flowers are absolutely wonderful. I love the sedums (especially the autumn one) and the grass. Good job!

  2. Wow, I love the roses and the hibiscus flowers. So beautiful. It's that a shocking pink coloured rose?

  3. What a great weather you have there! Our record heat wave is gone by now, but we need rains! Your blooms, Brooke, are fresh and bright! The last picture of the rose is my favorite. Send some rain to us!

  4. That yellow rose is to die for. Yummy. It looks good enough to eat.

  5. Rain every day here too. I love the way the red sedum looks next to the rocks. -Jackie

  6. Beautiful pictures! We've had lots of rain too but it's getting warm so things are growing and blooming fast. Please, remember to add a link to the Bloomin' Tuesday post. The link that shows up on Mr Linky was your last permlink not this weeks so also remember to change your link. Jean

  7. All of your flowers are just lovely- I am jealous of your rain- we are supposed to be in our rainy season in AZ this time of year and not much has fallen at all.


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