Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pretty Pink Roses….Finally!

Picture 131

After cutting my rose bushes way back in June…. I finally have some blooms again.  This is Queen Elizabeth I think.  The veining is from all of this rain…. it beats the petals off before I ever see them.

Picture 129

This one is a bit blurry…. Kordes Pertecta, a pink rose.

I had so much trouble with blackspot that I cut them back to about 12 inches and removed all the leaves, now they are coming back and look decent again.  I still have a few spots, but nothing like before.

Picture 092

Coquette des Blanches is the name of this one.  It looks almost white from a distance.  It’s blooms are tiny, it is a miniature.

Picture 138

Rugosa Rosa and a ton of bees….they love this flower, the hummingbirds do too.  So bright and cheerful.

As you can see, they are all wet.  We had another storm yesterday and lost power for a bit.  High wind and lightning.

Today was a bad day, a stray dog got up on my patio table and shattered the glass.   It was a HUGE mess and dangerous.  I never dreamed it would break like that.  We cleaned the deck for over an hour, but will have to be careful to not get splinters still.  We filled a 5 gallon bucket with tiny pieces of glass.  So glad it did not break when the girls used it, it was just a freak accident.  Now I need a new table….augh.

Anyway, school starts in a week now.  And maybe back to work, but I will be surprised if I am called in the first few weeks.  I usually don’t get busy subbing until Mid September.

Hope all is well and thanks for the nice comments…..Brooke

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  1. Lovely roses. I read yesterday that one of the ways to fight against blackspot is to feed the plants well. Here in the UK they say to mulch them in April with something organic - compost, composted bark etc. Then feed in May with a fertiliser for roses and then feed again after the first flush of roses. I have found that since I started to feed my roses they have been much healthier


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