Sunday, August 9, 2009

Garden Tour…Front Walk (Early August)

Picture 153

Since my front walk is my most finished area, I thought you might want to take a peek with me… and see what is blooming….  This is Pinky-Winky Hydrangea…it is new this year for me, and I just love it.  It is right by the garage doors and one of the first things you see.

Picture 152

In the metal bucket is a rose bush I need to get in the ground, but it is blooming happily for now…..  yes, the sun is behind me…lol.

Picture 154

The ferns in my window boxes are great again this year.  They look nice with the hostas and hydrangeas.  This is my shady spot, it only gets morning sun.  There is foxglove, delphiniums and hollyhocks here too, they are not blooming this week.

Picture 151

My Nikko-Blue starts, I hope one of the three make it!  I should have done this in the spring….but we will see…..

Picture 155

A bit of blue with my bachelor buttons but tons of foliage…..

Picture 156

My big Nikko blue that is not blooming this year.  I think a late frost got them.

But that is okay, I love the shades of green and all the different textures.

Picture 157

The burgundy is Plum Pudding Heucherella and Red Sedum.  It adds a bit of color.

Picture 158

Some sweet Alyssum from seed adds a bit of white and smells so nice.

Picture 159

A purple coneflower has popped up near the front, but I have yet to move it. 

Picture 160

I love all the color in this bed, it is wild…but fun I think.

Picture 162

Here you can see both sides better.

Picture 161

I just cannot get over how much it has grown and filled in.  Last year you could see huge areas of mulch and spaces between all the plants.  I love it this way, but another bonus it to divide and start more new areas….lol.

I have several fall blooming things, so my garden really kicks into high gear this time of year.  And hopefully we will have more time to enjoy it.  The girls go back to school Thursday, so maybe I can start working in the mornings again.

Hope your weekend is going well….Brooke


  1. Wonderful home and gardens filled with lovely flowers. I like your gravel path and rock borders also.

    Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.


  2. Your garden looks like it is growing great. I bet you are looking forward to school now as are the girls probably. Summer break is a little long.

  3. Hi Brooke, what a vision you place is. The plantings are all looking so healthy and well cared for. I am really impressed with the size of those boulders in your beds too. And the water view in the background. Truly paradise. :-)

  4. It all looks so pretty! I love the combinations you have.

  5. Such a nice stroll to the front door! Your garden looks awesome, Brooke! I've been away and tons of weeds have moved day ahead! Your butterfly close-ups are amazing!

  6. What lovely gardens you have! I enjoyed my visit through your garden paths!

    I, too, love roses--especially English and heirloom!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  7. WOW! I loved your garden tour of your own garden. It is spectacular! There is so much detail and love that has gone into it. Thanks for visiting me on botanical. For some reason, my blog disappeared from their site but I'm still there. You can visit me at Cheers!

  8. Your front yard is a gorgeous sight to behold. I love the mixed colors and textures and the placing of the rocks and garden whimsies. You're going to inspire me to get back out and tackle my front yard design!

  9. Looks beautiful and I love the winding path. My gardens are a mess to---just like me.


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