Monday, July 6, 2009

“Peach” Is The Perfect Accent!



This is “Tamora” by David Austin Roses.  It was the first rose I purchased for our garden and is my favorite.  It is the perfect peachy-pink hue.  And it smells fruity and sweet.  Since it was one of the very first things I planted, it was the highlight of this area, rightly so.  As you can see, it looks great with purple.

Picture 092

But it also looks great with pinks…  This daylily is so sweet.   I do not know the name, but it is lovely.

Picture 065

This rose it a creamy peach, and it is planted right next to a dark purple butterfly bush.  It is a great pop of color contrasting.  I think this is a “Peace” Rose.  Not sure, it never gets pink accents like I think they do… but close.  Mine stays more creamy.

Picture 089

Here is another daylily and the dark red center shows a warm color combo.  Peach would be great with dark reds and rusts.  Of course, white is always a welcome sight too.  It makes the blooms pop!

Picture 086

It looks great with hot pink too, as in these blooms.

Picture 090

And of course, it sets off green foliage  so nicely.  (“Peach Brandy” Rose)

Picture 062

This is Coquette des Blanches rose.  It is a very soft blush pink… but I see some peach in the centers.  It is new for me this year, but I really like it.

I wish more flowers breaders would focus on peach blooms.  For peach colors…..hollyhocks, daylily, irises and roses are the easiest to find.

But you might try looking for…..










and dahlias…. love this one….


And this is a great one…..Heuchera 'Peach Flambe'






And Hollyhocks…of course!

Just a few ideas as we think about next year!


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