Thursday, July 2, 2009

More before and after pictures!

Picture 028

Here is my butterfly garden today….

Picture 005

Here it is from a bit farther back, took a couple weeks ago.

July8 (14)

And this is what it looked like a year ago! Can you believe it?

Picture 030

It is my favorite place to sit and watch the lake. Look how much the silver maple has grown too. Wow…

Picture 036

Here is the far side of the house today….

July8 (3)

Last July….

Picture 039


July8 (4)

Last summer….

Picture 037

The other side of the air conditioner.

It seemed to me this area is not growing like the front, but after looking at the pics it is a big change. Most of my garden is just in it’s second year. It is fun to see it fill in.

Picture 557


July8 (9)

Last year…. As you can see, I move things around quite a bit!

Picture 035

The other side of that area.

Picture 006

And this is all new this year…. this is today.

And this was in March. Wow. I can’t get over how much is coming up. There are several perennials like Black Eyed Susan's, Coreopsis and Blanket Flower starting to bloom this week.

I love to see before and after shots. Some of these pictures we’re blurry, but you get the idea!

We are having a party with fireworks on the lake. So I will be off-line most of the weekend. But I’m sure I will check my mail at least a couple times.

Have a safe and Happy 4th!




  1. you have been a very busy little gardener!!! it looks great so far this year! I love the before and
    after photos myself!
    thanks for joining in this week!

  2. Your garden is growning by leaps and bounds. Isn't it a great being able to watch it grow.

  3. It is fun to see before and after photos something I may do in the winter months when i have less things to blog about.

    The garden is coming on really well you should be proud of your efforts. The viewaround your property are stunning.


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