Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Morning Blooms

Picture 177

Lots of dew this morning makes pretty pictures….

Picture 179

And wet feet in your flip-flops…lol.

Picture 178

My irises are doubling this summer, will divide this fall.  They are huge!  But still looking good.

Picture 186

This blue Althea (Rose of Sharon) was a gift from my MIL.  I planted it yesterday.  I love blue flowers, it is pretty with the variegated grass behind it.

Picture 187

These Black Ball Bachelor Buttons have been a hit this year.

Picture 189

And the Red Fox Veronica is still lovely.

Picture 190

It’s blooms are the same shade of pink as the Wine and Roses Weilgea next to it.  It has bloomed all summer long.  I have a purple one too, they do well here.

Picture 191

Few hosta blooms left.  I like this one because it is pure white.  Don’t know the name, sorry.

Picture 192

Daylily and Daisy are still going strong and bright.

Picture 185

4 o’ clocks are so pretty.  Looks like I need to dead-head!  Oh well…

Picture 184

I have been really happy with my Agapanthus.  If I would not have divided it when I bought it, it would have been a lovely clump.  But all 7 starts bloomed and look good.

Picture 202

Look at how the columbine has filled in around my steps.  It is such a pretty color against the purple leaves.  We have rocks for steps to the front porch. This is just one side, it is that way on the other side too. 

Picture 199

Hydrangea and Guara…. so pretty.

Picture 181

But this is my favorite plant in the garden right now….

Picture 180

It’s that pinky-winky hydrangea I bought this spring.

Picture 182

It isn’t very big yet, but it is sooooo pretty.  I think if I just had room for one hydrangea, this would be it.  It is NOT drooping either, which I love.  My limelight is similar but blooms are still small on it.  I think the frost got some of my flowers, or maybe it was just later in the year.  It seems like I should have more by now.

Picture 198

But I will be happy with the ones I have now.  When they are so beautiful, how can you not love them?  Or want MORE in my case. 

Things are good here, Hubby goes back to work tomorrow night.  The house is a mess and I have a ton of laundry to do.  I cannot believe school starts three weeks from tomorrow.  Where did the summer go?

I hope everyone is doing well… and thanks for visiting!

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  1. Everything looks beautiful. What a thoughtful MIL to give you such a lovely plant!

  2. I am now a great aunt, so she bought the plant in honor of her first great grand-daughter. I got the blue one and my SIL got a pink one. Adelyn Nikole was born 7-08-09. Isn't that a neat birthday?

  3. The veronica looks so good in front of that dark colored plant. Beautiful!

  4. Everything and I do mean everything looks so crisp and healthy. Wow! Can't believe your schools start so soon. Ours will be at the end of August!

  5. Brooke your flowers beds are just so full of pretty blooms. Gotta love the hydrangea's and the deep burgundy Bachelor Buttons.
    I love coming to your site you always have the prettiest backgrounds.

  6. I love the color combo in the 1st photo, the dark foliage with the bright pink of the Achillea & the Veronica. The yellow of the Daylily is such a perfect color echo of the centers of the Daisies. It all looks wonderful.

  7. So beautiful! I must say that every time I stop by I'm just in awe at how beautiful everything is and what fabulous style you have. Your garden is one of my all time blog favorites! -Jackie

  8. You have lots of pretty blooms. your season is ahead of ours-the lime lights aren't blooming here yet.
    I will be back again,I see we both enjoy gardening!


  9. Looks great! How pretty all of it is in combination with each other. You definitely have the knack for garden design.

  10. I love those Black Ball bachelor buttons! I'm going to try those next year.
    I wonder how Pinky Winky would do in a container? I'm going to have to look that one up. It sure is pretty, I just love hydrangeas.


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