Monday, July 6, 2009

Just in time….Color for the Party!

Picture 077

We we’re able to be outside for the 4th.  It rained all day, but about 4 pm it cleared and we we’re able to have a fire down in my “rock garden”.

(Carl Forester Grass in background)

Picture 071

This is probably our favorite area, it has a great view of the lake.

Picture 073

But most of the plants have just been here a year.

Picture 075

I think this is pink delight butterfly bush.   Our guests made over the colors.

I love butterfly bushes….even if they are just “weeds”…lol.  But this one is my favorite by FAR.

I’ll take more pictures down there when the other things bloom. My altheas are just ready, but not open all the way yet.

Picture 052

More pretty pinks….

Picture 055

Purplish wines….love these “Black” Buttons.

Picture 056

Lime green buds on hydrangeas are so pretty and bright.

Picture 057

The yarrow has faded to rose, but still so soft and pretty.

Picture 058

The pink daylily stole the show.

Picture 059

And the giant hostas… they are huge this year!

Picture 063

The Zebrina HH’s and Pinky-Winky Hydrangea are good friends.

Picture 078

Like Queen Anne’s Lace Hybrid and Larkspur.

Picture 080

Fairy Rose, Clarkia, Candytuft and Larkspur.

Picture 081

Mister Lincoln was not quite ready for the party.

Picture 064

But these lovely ladies we’re ready to dance.

Picture 083

Many had never seen Clarkia blooms…. Mine are from seed and I will do them again next year for sure.

Picture 082

But the poppies are finishing up, and I have been pulling them out.  I hate the brown mess, and I will just re-seed this fall I think.

Picture 091

The evening primrose has taken over… but that is fine.

Picture 095

It goes well with it’s neighbors….

Picture 096

Like this Tye-Dye Viola that has bloomed for months.  It is a keeper for sure.

Picture 111

But the catmint is the center stage here…. this is one plant and it must be happy.

It is MUCH larger looking in person.

Picture 094

So I was happy we got to be outside and see the flowers after I spent most of last week getting the garden ready.  But we needed the rain, and things have greened up a bit. 

It was fun to have people out here that had not been here since last summer.  They could not get over how it has changed.  It is a process for sure, but I love it. 

We had a great holiday, family….friends….grilled pork loin….shrimp boil and tons of desserts.  The fireworks over the lake we’re beautiful.  We watched them down by the fire and most sat on rocks for chairs. 

It is so nice to have a place to share and we enjoy having people out….even if it is a ton of work!  Lol….  Hope you had a good holiday weekend as well!



  1. Gorgeous garden - gorgeous photos! Awww -- what eye candy! -Jackie

  2. You did have a lot of color for the party! I have Pink Delight too and am waiting for it to start blooming. That pink daylily is beautiful!

  3. It is such a pleasure to view the display of beautiful flowers. The lake completes the natural element in the fengshui of garden. A lovely garden indeed.
    ~ bangchik

  4. So many beautiful flowers, so many wonderful photos. I enjoyed my visit.

  5. Beautiful Brooke! The show your garden is putting on is spectacular~

  6. Brooke, great view of the backyard! You know what I for lots more flower beds..haha! Your plot of land is heaven!! And you know I LOVE those daylilies :)

  7. Brooke, your garden is so lovely. Scooby-Doo and Teddy are so cute and the roses, Wow! So beautiful and in so many colours too. Your blog is very special. You are a really really creative mom!


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