Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is Your Garden Gate Open?

I love to talk gardening, maybe that is one of the reason I blog and follow sooo many of your blogs too. So I am going to start some “Garden Notes” posts with questions. When I think of one I will answer and then let everyone add their point of view too.

So, here goes….

“Is your garden gate open?

I recently watched a special on HGTV and they said if your garden gate was open, you are seeing visitors that day. But if it is closed, you are not.

What I mean by that is…. if someone drives past your house and would stop one day, is it welcome for them to see your beds----or would you rather someone not even ask?

I think I know the answer from almost all of us, we blog about our blooms, thus we would love for others to see them…. But do you think that is the case for most gardeners?

Why am I asking? Because I had to drive to Evansville today by myself and looked at several homes and thought…. I would love to see that up close. Or I would like to meet that lady, I bet she is interesting. Or just to say, your home is beautiful.

I guess the only way to find out, is just to do it. It is not like these are million dollar homes with professional landscapes. They are regular family homes and you can just tell they are loved.

I am the kind of person that once I see something done, I can usually do it. Or at least try, and once I see an idea…it makes sense. I get so many idea and learn so much from visiting gardens and blogs. Don’t you?

So for my answer, my garden is public. Anyone and everyone that wants to gets the flower tour. Sometimes against their will…lol. But why go to all the work and not share it?

Would let my home be on a garden tour? If ever asked yes… My hubby would kill me, b/c he hates when anyone parks on his grass, but I would enjoy it.

I want to take master gardener classes in a few years, and then after that I plan to be more active in our regional garden clubs. I know I could do that now, but I am busy enough as it is.

My garden is really only 2 years old and I just have so much more to do. I just run out of time and energy. Plus the girls are still pretty little. They are 7 and 9. I just feel like once I jump in I would like the gardens to be more “done.” Does that make sense?

Okay one last note…. I was VERY EXCITED to finally meet a fellow garden blogger last Friday and to see her LOVELY garden in person….

I met Lisa of Greenbow, and she is lovely. Her private oasis of a shade garden is pure heaven. I did not take my camera, but her blog has tons of pictures.


She is planning on coming my direction soon, and we have another friend I want her to visit too. Isn’t it nice to actually see and enjoy all the beauty and inspiration of another’s creation. I think I might just stop and see that lady after all….

And if she tells me no, that is okay too. I will have gotten close enough the see her island bed up close and be on my way anyway! I just want to know what that purple bush is in the back…lol!

Let me know what you think….

Is your garden public or private?

(All the beautiful pictures in the post are from Country Living Magazine.)


  1. Beautiful pictures you have shared. I do enjoy sharing our garden with other gardeners also.


  2. Thats an interesting question. My first reaction is that my garden is private, its my sancturary but I suppose if someone was genuinely interested I would show them round.A friend of mine is opening her garden for charity but to me thats sounds awful as I worry people will think my garden is awful and it wasnt worth paying to see. So I suppose that is really my lack of confidence.

  3. No one has really ever asked to see our garden, maybe because a lot of it can be seen by walking past our house. If someone was interested enough to ask to see our backyard and pond I would definitely show them.

  4. The gardens in the pictures are very beautiful indeed. I love to have people come to my garden and look around, whether they are giving compliments or negative comments. I have made new friends this way. Chatting with your neighbours about plants and garden is definitely better than gossiping, I guess.

  5. I live on a corner lot, with no fence, so my gardens about as public as you can get. I love to show it off, and anyone that comes by gets roped into a tour, whether they want to or not. We'll often get neighbors walking by with compliments, and that's my favorite part. Our next door neighbor said his dad was hassling him to get his yard in shape since he lived next door to the "mayor's house" and boy did that give us a laugh. No, my hubby is not the mayor!

  6. I live on a very secluded farm a long way off the main road. I have to be a little careful of who I bring into my home and garden. I am always happy to see friends and people I know and I usually show them the gardens but not strangers.

  7. Oh yes, I agree with that completely. Actually about 2 mths ago I had a old beat up car pull up in our drive. I was out in the yard and picked up a garden tool. Like I would actually do anything. Lol... It was someone lost out here. My Scooby would protect me, people are a bit hesitant to jump out with a 165 pound great dame looking them eye-to-eye...lol.

  8. My garden is most public. I usually let folks look around. I have to keep the gate closed though because of the dogs.

    I did a post on an Evansville's landscape last year. It was a farmhouse that had tons of pointed trees. It was so interesting. I think it was off from St. Josephs but not sure. I love the pictures of houses in this city because I think this city is such an old city it has so many mature landscapes. My town here in Tennessee is rather young and not so many mature landscapes at all.

  9. Hi Brooke, It was such a delight to have you even for those few minutes in the garden. This fall I will have you and the girls back for a tea party in the Casa. I can't wait to see your garden. I have been working extra these past couple of weeks. I will now have a little more time. Thanks so much for the shout out. Cheers.


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