Thursday, July 2, 2009

Holiday Decor and More!

Picture 011

It’s that time of year I love…. Summer and the 4th of July.

Picture 004 I really must say, I love anything Americana…

Picture 022

When we designed our home, I just knew it had to be white with navy shutters and red accents…

Picture 020

So my house looks ready for the 4th pretty much every day of the year….

Picture 001

But I did add a few things.  The first is an old chalk board and an faded flag on the bench.  Keep your old flags, they are great accents.

Picture 016

I wrote on it with a paint marker for fun.  It was a quarter at a yard sale and has some damage.   It was fun to do….  can you tell I teach at the elementary most of the time…lol.  I love art class!

Picture 003

And added some ribbon here and there….

Picture 018

Yep, fake greenery….. I do good to water what is in the ground…lol.  I’m not a good container waterer, if it is out of reach of the hose, it’s a goner….

Picture 034

But the front walk is looking good…. The hostas are putting on a show….

July8 (11)

Look at this shot from July of last year….

Picture 023

And this is today!

My hydrangea tree is starting to bloom.  It is still small, but really filling out.  You can see how much it has grown in a year!

There is seven dust on the plants, the jap. beetles are really bad this week.

Picture 033

Hollyhocks and daylily blooms….plus tons of green….

Picture 009

This is my Red Heart Althea tree….

Picture 032

The blooms are so pretty.  It definitely matches the red, white and blue!

   Sorry this is such a long post…. I will do another one with more before and after pics in my next post.

Happy 4th of July everyone!



  1. It looks so festive! Hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating the Fourth!

  2. Your house looks so feastive and inviting. Have a great 4th of July.

  3. Yes a festive garden/house and the plants are looking good.

  4. I adore your house! We are building a home and I want to do white with navy shutters. I'm stumped on the roof though. Did you go with a charcoal color?


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