Friday, July 17, 2009

Fertilizer Friday

Picture 173

Isn’t this the BEST present ever?  Hubby and little sis just came back from a 4 wheeler ride and brought me some flowers.  They smell delicious and still have the roots.  (They are well  I am guessing a wild phlox?  They smell like that at least.  They are now tucked into the flower bed.  Weed or not, they are pretty and pink!

Picture 148 

Sorry I have not posted or a bit… Lots going on here, as usual…I guess.

Hubby had knee surgery last Friday and is doing great, but he has been off work, so I have been busy with them.  Also having a yard sale tomorrow with family.

Picture 149

Anyway, here are a few things blooming this week!

Pee Wee Hydrangea and Guara.

Picture 151

Candy Lilly, I love these.  I have the orange-pink and purple.  Last year I collected all the seed and almost all of them are coming up.

Picture 153

Shasta Daisy…. Alaska I think.

Picture 154


Picture 158

Black eyed Susan's and phlox by the deck.

Picture 157

Another view.

Picture 159

Mallow…. I love this one.

Picture 162

This kind I dug up from beside the lake, it grows wild here.  So pretty.

Picture 164

I cant get this all in one shot, it is BEAUTIFUL here today.

Picture 165

Pinky Winky Hydrangea and Zebrina Hollyhocks.

Picture 166

My Mountain Bluet or Bach Buttons we call them.  I cut these way back and this is the 2nd round this summer.

Picture 170

First blooms of the Hyacinth Bean Vine.

Picture 172

And some darling little Zinnias…. love this color of pink.

Okay, I gotta get off of here.  Lots of work to do!

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  1. Better late than never is right! Glad you joined in, Brooke! Lovely photos and I'm liking your new blog background ;) Wonder if your daylily is Wineberry Candy..? I go ga-ga over your beautiful surrounding everytime!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I love your zinnias and the bed of black eyed susans. Just breathtaking.

  3. Beautiful blooms! Happy FF!


  4. Hi Brooke,
    What a beautiful garden, and blog.
    I enjoyed looking at your garden, you are talented!

  5. Is it ever beautiful there! I just love the shot of your yard with the lake in the background.
    Cute picture of your daughter! Don't you just love when they do those types of things? I remember when my older daughter was a toddler she brought me a tulip with the bulb still hanging off.

  6. it was worth the wait! everything looks wonderful. My malva zebrena is not blooming yet...and I have to grow the bean plants inside...they hate the weather here!

  7. Well trained indeed. Pretty flowers. I love the candy lily too. Hope your husband is recuperating and good luck with the yard sale.

  8. Wow your flowers are beautiful! I love how your daughter got the roots and all! You trained her right...(-: Now you can have a plant of your own and always remember that special day(-: Happy FF to you!!!!

  9. You trained your garden helper well! They'll last longer when planted anyway. What a great way to remember a special day. Love your blooms.

  10. Lovely flowers (including those with roots attached!) and a beautiful beautiful view.

    Good luck with the surgery,and I hope things get less hectic soon :-)


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