Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fertilizer Friday!

Picture 025

A lovely lemon colored daylily.  It is almost cream and one I would call….fancy…lol.

Picture 026

Oh the bright zinnias!  I will plant more next year.  I can see these from my kitchen window.

Picture 032

Red Heart Althea Standard… love this long blooming small tree.

Picture 563

Pinky-Winky Hydrangea and Hosta… it will turn pink in a few weeks.

Picture 561

Yarrow, daylily and hollyhocks….

Picture 559

More yarrow, I love how it changes colors.

Picture 555

And my Shasta Daisy’s are really putting on a show this week.

Join my friend Tootsie every Friday for more lovely garden blooms.

I do….when I remember that is!  Lol…



  1. It is so refreshing to see your lovely summer flowers. here we are struggling under triple digit temperatures and hoping that our plants will hang in there until fall arrives.

  2. I love yarrow too, and wow, your shasta daisies are looking great! Glad I visited your garden :-)

  3. Loving the country feel of your home. What a cozy looking place! Your garden is lovely!

  4. That pale yellow dayliliy is just lovely and we gotta love our zinnias and daisies. Thanks for sharing your pretty garden. ~ Robyn

  5. Love your pretty blooms! Yarrow is a fun plant to grow. I just dead headed all mine today. It had finished blooming but has new blooms coming on and I wanted it to be fresh and new looking for that wave(-:

  6. The lemon Day lilly is a stunner as is the hibiscus.


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