Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trash or Treasure? You decide….

Picture 464

Yes, I have more junk… but it’s neat junk…. I swear! For Father’s Day we visited with my in-laws. While there we walked around and talked about all the junk in the old barn. For years my hubby has told me I was not allowed in there.

Now I know why….lol.

It is all basically “farmware”, practical things they used years ago. The first picture is a cobblers tool. It is about 30 inches tall, and you would put you work boots on it to pull nails out and repair them. It is very heavy! You could take the “shoe” off for different sizes.

Picture 463

The next is a milk can. I already had one of these, this one is slightly smaller than my first one, but still neat. It has it’s lid too, my other one doesn’t. Thinking of planting something in the lid....maybe some sedum that can take the heat.

Picture 465

This is a corn grinder. You would use it to make grits or flour. You can change the settings from course to fine. It’s wheel still moves and it sits up on a block of old wood that is so pretty.

Picture 462

This is an old water pump from my hubby’s family cabin. They used it until a few years ago. I love the square spout and red color.

Picture 466

One of many old tools I stuck in the border. I will have something grow up them.

Picture 546

Another tool, this one is back out of the way…..ouch! I think it needs a vine blooming on it or a wreath or sign. I’ll get right on that….

Picture 547

This was some sort of a drill or water well digger to start the pipe. Hanging on it is a scale part. I have Hyacinth bean vine growing up it. When I water I fill it a bit for the butterflies. Lets go to the porch now…..

Picture 461

Not sure what I’m going to do with this one. It is an old canning tub. You would can with this over a fire pit. It is labeled “Kerr” like some to my canning jars.

Picture 542

It is huge! Look at it compared to the size of the chair. The lid comes off and the handles look good. The oars we have had for a while, but I love them. I just have them tied with twine and leaning against the house.

Picture 541

This bench and all the cans are new too. The big one on the left is a drink thermos labeled “Blue Grass”. The one with the ivy is a lunch bucket.

Picture 460

This blue bench is over 7 feet long. It too was at the cabin, and the old oil can’s we’re my hubby’s grandpa’s. I will leave the plaid rag in the spout. The red chipped paint is really pretty. They are about 12, 16 and 24 inches tall. The big one is very heavy.

Picture 544

My porch is 48 feet long, I am slowly filling in the gaps. I’d like to find an old kitchen table and chairs and put out here. I love the idea of eating meals on the porch. It is always shaded, we lucked out with our positioning of the house.

There are more things inside….

Picture 537

Aren’t these unusual? They are juggling batons. How in the world they had them in that old barn, but there they were. Wonder who used them…not me! I’d hurt myself quickly! It is sitting on my buggy seat in the kitchen. That is Teddy outside the patio door.

Picture 533

An old whiskey crock, that one I know was used…lol.

Picture 535

Another crock with a lid. These are above my kitchen cabinets. They we’re covered with 50 years of dust and grime.

Picture 530

And the best of last, a 3 gallon crock! Isn’t this a find! I love it. It is on my kitchen counter. I have several pottery pieces, this is right up my alley. I am so glad the cold and weather did not break this. All this stuff was basically outside, the barn is in bad shape and needs tore down.

Picture 554

The flowers in my window today, I love the blue glass. See the lid next to it, in that crock was about 25 of these lids. I would love to find the jars to match them. I have a few, but they are so neat with the wire clasps.

Sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to show you my “haul”.

It’s official…..I am a junk collector.


I even have my own badge!



  1. Wow, that is quite a haul! I like it all! I think the pitch fork just might be an accident waiting to happen though. Do you have a wall that you can attach it to? I've seen old tools attached to barn walls or potting sheds and they are awesome wall decorations. You'll have so much fun using the containers as planters!

  2. You have some very interesting pieces Brooke. I really like the pump and the shoe last. Well, I like all of it. In your situation it fits right in.

  3. I could see only treasures. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

  4. A woman after my own heart. I have collected Victorian brick a brack for years and some ends up in the garden. your garden looks enhanced by your new treasures.

  5. Your garden looks fabelous, I just love the use of the oars, I have oars tucked away in the shed, thanks to you I will now be putting them to a new use other than water.


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