Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A purple rose? Maybe.....

But not yet... Roses are funny, you will never get the same bloom twice. Conditions must be perfect, and this year.... Mine has been wet. Really wet.

This is the Intrigue Rose, and it is listed on my side border, and in that picture is purple. But I have seen it in bloom, and the picture was right,
but here, it is dark pink for me. Sort of a magenta I guess. Very pretty indeed,
but not like I was

But I have been told over and over, the reason we don't have purple roses is.....
They don't preform worth a hoot. They are very disease prone and "wimpy".
And mine already have blackspot and bug have been on it as you can see.

I have sprayed, but they will have to really fight for that spot to stay there.
I hate to have something look awful the first thing anyone sees here.

This is the thing with roses, they are not easy, but I just can't stop loving them.

Case in point, Mister Lincoln here. He is much redder in person.
So rich and velvety..... and as you can see.....blackspot.

I hate to sound negative, but it is frustrating. I will just keep spraying and keep planting things to cover "their feet" to hide it a bit.

Speaking of hiding.... this forget me not is peeking out this morning.
It is from seed too, and I hope it comes back with more, it is really cute.

But this is beautiful.... very bright and swaying in the wind....
It is thundering here, guess what? More rain!!!

I had better hurry in.....

But this last one IS purple for sure.... Black ball Bachelor Buttons.... hey wait... isn't it suppose to be black? Lol.... This is the first one to guessed it....from seed.

Okay, I will get off here... But I'm sure I'll be around today.
Look for me on the porch swing.


  1. Don't be dismayed. I watched a gardening program this morn during my coffee and he says roses simply will get bugs and disease; just try to keep it to a minimum (like you seem to be doing). I think your roses are spectacular; I don't have the sun or the soil for them. Just stand at a distance (where you can't see the blackspot) and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  2. Hi Brooke! You are right, roses are not easy, but they are so beautiful! There is one nursery here that has a dozen of roses in containers in front of the building. Every year I get amazed by the fact that there is no one single spot on them (I check!). I think they treat it on regular basis and do preventing spraying. Anyway, your roses are lovely. Mr.Lincoln rose has such wonderful aroma!

  3. I am familiar with Mr Lincoln. A gorgeous rose. Photos usually skew the colors.

  4. I love roses too but I have so much trouble with them in my garden. They bloom beautifully early in the season but even by then the rose slugs get to them and they have black spot. I spray but I guess I don't get to them early enough. The roses were in my yard when I bought the house so I don't know what kind they are but I'm betting with all the trouble I've had they are not disease resistant hybrids. I had a few rose plants at my old rose and never had much trouble with them. As beautifully as the two I have bloom I'm thinking of pulling them out and replacing them with something more carefree. -Jackie

  5. Missed you on Bloomin' Tuesday! The bachelor button is amazing! I didn't know they came in different colors. I also love your poppies! I can't seem to get them to grow. At least I can enjoy yours. Jean

  6. the camera never gets the true color...purple petunia...(also known as blue) photographs as electric blue...when in fact it is royal purple...and sold as blue!
    the are beautiful none the less!


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