Monday, June 15, 2009

Let’s take a walk….

Picture 367

Take a walk with me down the 4 wheeler paths on the big hill this evening….okay?  First you can’t help but notice all the vetch is blooming in pretty shades of purple, pink and white.

Picture 364

I don’t know the name of most of this stuff, lol… but the bright yellow and purple combination is lovely.

Picture 372

Talk about groundcover….God’s Garden is wild and beautiful to me.

Picture 365

And the bees love it as well as….

Picture 377

the butterflies…Milkweed is a food and habitat for Monarchs….there is a ton it.  It’s pretty in bloom.

Picture 369

But of course my favorite is the wild roses…..

Picture 371

They just bloom the one time, but wow… this one is huge.  4 ft tall by at least 6 ft wide.  I counted 7 tonight just on our ground.  When you look out on the hill you can see pink spots of them.  I wish they bloomed longer.

Picture 384

Can you believe this?  It is a daylily called “Hall’s Pink.”  I have it in 6 places and last year it never bloomed.  I cannot get over the size if it.  It is not tall, but the blooms are bigger than Easter Lilies!  The color is a bit weird, but I will keep them because I’ve never seen one so large.  It has several blooms ready to follow this one.

Picture 389

A few shots of the front….

Picture 393

Everything is getting bigger….

Picture 394

and more filled in….

Picture 023

Especially big sister…. sigh.  Where does the time go?  Have nice evening everyone, glad you could take a walk with me….



  1. Big sister is a cutie! I know what you mean about the time, I posted today that my baby turned 17. I can't believe it.

    My milkweed is blooming now, I hope to see monarchs soon!

  2. Ah Brooke, as you say, where does the time go? I have three of my own who are growing up way too fast. I loved seeing your wildflowers. Some are similar to those I see along the roadways. Also, I let a milkweed grow in my garden for the Monarchs.~~Dee

  3. I always enjoy looking at areas close to my home with a fresh eye too! Your garden looks lovely and your daughter is a beauty! Love the rock she is sitting on!

  4. I love the Heuchera around the base of the rock and the varigated hosta surrounding that. That's the thing that I always doubt about my own gardening skills -- the 'pleasing placement' of plants re their color, size and how well they compliment their neighbor. You've done a great job!

  5. Brooke I love your blog. I enjoyed your country walk and your lovely garden. I will be back for more.

  6. Thanks for the nice walks! Everything looks beautiful! I really like the daylilies and Queen Anne's Lace together and the 'Pinkie Winkie' hydrabgea is amazing! I'll have to look for that one. Jean


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