Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hello From Humidity!

Picture 401

Hot…Sticky….HUMID….is what we have in Southern Indiana!

Oh my, you don’t even go out unless you have to.  The girls and I have been doing inside things and basically been piled up on the couch this afternoon.  There is a chance of storms everyday this week, and it feels like it.

Picture 412

But my window boxes still look cool in the shade.  If you remember I took a $10.00 Boston Fern and cut it in half for each of my 2 boxes.  That is the only way they fit and they do great.  I worry every year I will kill them doing it, but they do fine.  I did something this week that was crazy, but I had to try.  I divided a hydrangea I bought because it looked like it had two main stems.  I ended up with good roots in both areas and it hardly wilted after planting.  That was 3 days ago and it still looks good.  I didn’t have much money in it, so I was brave….  We’ll see!  Most time it works and I get extra plants, but I have killed a few that way too.

Picture 413

Does anyone know what this is?  It was labeled Purple Monarda or “Bee Balm”.  It is one of the things I got at our garden club sale…. (Smiles)  So I don’t know much about it.

Picture 414

It is different from any Monarda I have seen.  I like it and it is spreading…..  Not really any smell to it, but a pretty dusty-purple tiered-style bloom.  Very neat!

Picture 417

Speaking of pretty purple blooms…. this is “Lavender Lace”  Isn’t it neat, and it actually is purple!  This is a new one for me, it’s not very big, but wow…. I love it.

Picture 403

Here is another miniature and new one this year.  “Peach Brandy”  It was a florist rose where my MIL works and it was nearly dead.  It has came back very nicely and the golden peach blooms are pretty.

Picture 410

But here is a big one for sure…. it is “Camelot” and it is hot pink for me.  It was labeled a salmon, but I love pink so it fits right in.  Great smell too.

Picture 416

The ditch-lilies are in full force today.  I will miss them when they stop blooming.  You can see them from a long way away dancing in the wind.

I hope everyone is doing fine, I have been reading your blogs and enjoying all the lovely blooms and stories.



  1. Brooke, everything is looking nice in your garden, I love the miniature roses.
    I have taken three pieces off one my hydrangeas and put them in potting mix after dipping them in rooting powder, and they are all growing, now I have to decide where i want to plant them when they are large enough.

  2. The humidity is awful here in NC too. I have to keep the AC on 71 to take it out of the air.

    Your window boxes look good and that is an unusual Bee Balm.

  3. Your roses look so healthy. For some reason even my Knockout roses don't look very good right now.

    I have two kinds of Monarda, one is a low growing, compact, and bright pink. The other is taller and the stems look like yours. It hasn't bloomed yet so I don't know what color the flowers will be.

  4. One thing we don't get much of here is humidity. Hopefully you have AC, another thing we don't have here :)
    Love your pretty roses.

  5. The pink blooms is a ground cover called Crown Vetch. It spreads like crazy and is invasive. Good for road sides and banks. I am having to pull mine up all the time to keep it under control.

    Your roses are gorgeous in your other posting. Wild roses are so great.

    Your flower beds are so wonderful

  6. I wish I could grow roses. Yours are so beautiful! -Jackie

  7. Hi Brooke, I've just caught up with your previous posts (how did I miss so many?) and you have a million things in bloom! I'm not familiar with that tiered monarda..actually,never seen it before but the thin foliage looks more like a type of salvia to me..? You have such a beautiful plot of land, with pond and wild flowrers..Thanks for sharing!


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