Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The heat can’t keep us down…. or can it?

Picture 467

Hello Gardening Friends!

I haven’t posted in a few day. We all have summer colds and feel crummy. It is so hot and humid, you cannot do much outside anyway. But I did manage to snap a few pics to share…. The first is an “Outta The Blue” Rose.

Picture 469

The first blooms of white double hollyhocks, so pretty in person.

Picture 472

And the pinks are still blooming, great color this one.

Picture 476

My Goldflame Honeysuckle is blooming. It looked pretty stressed when I planted it, but it is bouncing back.

Picture 485

Bee-Balm and Shasta Daisy are putting on a show.

Picture 487


Picture 490

First and probably only bloom for Henryii. It is new and still small, but so cute.

Picture 504

But these are darling…..Forget-Me-Nots from seed.

Picture 481

Purple larkspur is so pretty….

Picture 480

It is popping up everywhere with annual queen anne’s lace (a “tamed one” I found from seed) and Mister Lincoln roses. The leaves and stems are different, more delicate. I don’t know much about it, but it is pretty.

Picture 478

Rugosa Rose hips are starting to turn. These are so neat.

Picture 488

One of the many daylilies…. This peach color is really pretty.

Picture 511

Another one, love the sun shinning through the petals.

Picture 508

I also love texture, and this trio is very nice. Red Sedum, Lilyturf and Hosta along my front walk. I have them all along the border, but they are really filling in this year. Nice to have pretty without counting on blooms.

Picture 527

But you know I love color…. and these knockouts are full this week.

Well that is a bit of what is blooming this week. Thanks for stopping in!BlueBrooke