Friday, June 19, 2009

Fertilizer Friday – What’s Blooming!



Picture 429

Wow, now that is bright!  It is “Outta The Blue” a Week’s rose.  It is a bit darker in person, but still very bright with a bit of white accents.  VERY GOOD SMELL.

  Picture 433

Isn’t this all white poppy pretty?  Love it.

Picture 445

My favorite daylily, “ JOE MARINELLO.”  I have it several places and it is lovely.  Peachy-pink with wine and yellow-green.  Beautiful and classic.

Picture 434

My first big hollyhock to bloom!  It is a dark pink and I love it!  I have 4 big white one’s ready to open too, but this pink is a WOW.  And yes, the bugs love it.  I have sprayed it twice already for bugs.

It’s been a slow week in the garden, haven’t gotten a whole lot done.  Storms and rain almost every day, plus it is really hot and humid already.  Up with the sun to get any real work done, and I need to weed tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will spray roses again, having a real problem with blackspot.  Three mature bushes are leafless the bottom half of the rose.  They are still blooming, but look awful, I have sprayed 3- 4 times since early May, but with all the rain, it is a battle.

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Have a great weekend everyone!BlueBrooke



  1. Looks very pretty! You're right the bugs do love the holleyhocks. I had one and was looking forward to seeing it bloom, then bam, it just died! Thing is, I never planted a holleyhock! I figured it must've hitchhiked along with something else that I planted in that garden LOL!

    I love the way you did the ferns in the windowboxes. Love the roses!

    It's super hot and humid here (coastal Mississippi) too - with the heat index yesterday it was up to 105! When ya open the door it's like opening the oven - and we still have July and August yet to come!

  2. Delightful photos. i particularly like the white poppy but also the rose.

  3. Your blooms look great! I use the rose fertilizer on my holly hocks and don't have bugs on them.(-: Happy FF to you!

  4. Your white poppy is beautiful and the bloom looks like tissue paper! I've tried to grown hollyhocks but have never been able to grow them. Your's sure is pretty. Warm wishes, Esther

  5. Ooooh! You Have Hollyhocks! So pretty! As well as the rest of your flowers. That white poppy looks so lacy - is it a large bloom, too? It's stunning! ~ Robyn


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