Friday, June 5, 2009

Fertilizer Friday, My First!

Tootsie invited me to join Fertilizer Friday, and of course I would love to!

My sweet yarrow, Oertel's Rose is blooming.

It is such a pretty weed, lol... it is spreading like crazy as you see.

Peach Blossom Astilbe, love this one. Great, great color and foliage.

Red Fox Veronica looking pretty in the evening sun.

My Husker Red Penstemon is still looking really pretty in the basket on the porch.

Mister Lincoln rose and starts from seed this year. White candytuft, poppy, catchfly and "birds eye"....the tiny little purple blooms. I have never seen this before, but I love it. So glad I went crazy with seed this spring, it is fun to see what pops up (and doesn't).

This is a winner for sure from seed, Sweet Alyssum. Smells sooooo good too.

This is the same bed, these "Fairy" roses are the best they have ever been.

Delphinum some from seed and some from last year. Love the blues.

But this is the best blue....Midknight Blue Agapanthus....Wow!

Lupine from seed... several are blooming now....

Okay, how can you not love these. I am not an "Orange" person...but they are such a pop of color!

And I get more every year. ;)

But the pinks and white are still my favorite....

Happy Fertilizer Friday Ya'll...and....


  1. oh man! I wish I could walk this garden in person! I bet the smells are just glorious!
    your garden is so pretty! Love the blues you have there! thanks for joining in...I do hope you will join us again each week!

  2. Oops I think I should have bought that Husker's Red when I saw it. Does it have a faint touch of pink? I think it would go well in the group I want to do with my new Deutzia (white with a touch of pink) and Boysenberry Ruffles Spanish Lavender.
    Your flowers are just gorgeous. I think we have the same taste in colors. Everything just looks great. I love your Delphiniums - I've tried to grow them for years and don't do well. I do have one right now that is from last year - must be a happy accident!
    Anyway everything looks great Brooke.

  3. What pretty flowers. Love the pink yarrow. For some reason I haven't been able to get that one to do good for me yet. I will keep trying though you have inspired me.

  4. A very lovely parade of colors and flowers. I'm not a big fan of orange either but I still have a few in my garden. Your orange lilies are pretty fabulous.
    I enjoyed the vintage seed packets and your front porch pics, too.
    Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

  5. Everything is so gorgeous! I love the little white bird houses too! -Jackie

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! It's still too early here in NS to experience all those blooms. Give us another 2-4 wk!!

  7. It all looks so pretty! I wish I could get my Veronica to stand up like yours, I have the same one but it practically lays on the ground. Love the combination in your last picture.

  8. Your flowers are so lovely!

    I wish I had never planted the yarrow in my flower bed. I don't have enough room to let it take over. I've been pulling yarrow for three years now and somehow it is still spreading from whatever tiny pieces of root is left.


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