Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Favorite Flower....(Red) Poppies

I have been waiting a week for this bloom. It grew bigger and bigger.... I knew it would be a good one!

It is my first peony-style poppy ever, isn't it pretty? This is it about 4 hours later all the way open. You can no longer see the pretty yellow center. It is big over 3 inches across I'm guessing and 18 inches tall. But soooo many petals. But I love the singles too.....

Here is some with some "catchfly" It was kinda an accident there, but nice effect I think.

Two different sizes of poppies here, but same bright red. They look great with feverfew.

Farther back you can see my beebalm is about to bloom, it is red too.

This is my first year to have ANY poppies, and wow.... I have a bunch.
But they look so cheery and they really show up with the white house and navy shutters.

I usually go for the dainty things, the bigger-brighter blooms are really a neat change I think.
Plus.... I did this DIRT CHEAP, you can get poppy seed anywhere for next to nothing.

I direct sewed all these in early March in my zone 6 Indiana garden. They have been blooming about 2 weeks, but this is my best flush yet (so far).


  1. Such an eye catcher, that red poppy! I wished the blooms last longer but, luckily, the plants have lots of buds..and so pretty with the catchfly and feverfew!

  2. Guess what? I had my first poppy bloom today too and it's also red. Not a double though. They do add a nice splash of color don't they?

  3. No fair! I direct sowed several packets of poppy seeds and so far not a single poppy. Yours are so beautiful! I'm jealous!

    I hope your eye is better!

  4. didn't think I could grow poppies here, tossed the seed in December and viola! had blooms this spring. Will be trying it again. Love your accidental combination, sometimes those turn out better than the planned ones. My beebalm is in full bloom now! Your flowers are beautiful.


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