Thursday, June 11, 2009

Favorite Flower....Hydrangeas

Okay, I admit it... I just love old fashioned flowers. And one of the VERY best in my book is hydrangeas. I am very lucky and they really like our soil and I have part-share and protected where mine are planted. But that is not the reason, it is those blooms..... all of these pics are from the web. It is too early for blooms here yet.

Align CenterHydrangea macrophylla

This first one is "Pink Beauty" or Hydrangea 'Preziosa'

Features small mophead-like panicles (3-4") in which the showy sterile florets progress through several different color changes (white to pink to reddish-purple) over a long summer to fall period. Serrate leaves emerge purple-tinted, mature to green and again acquire red to purple tints in fall. Dark maroon stems. This one is worth growing for the foliage alone.


Here you can see the leaves, they are beautiful, even now with touches of burgundy.

The next new one this year is "Limelight" Oh I have had my eye on this one for awhile, but found it for $6.00 this week at Rural King. It is a good healthy plant and lots of buds. 'Limelight' has unique bright green blooms in mid-summer that holds its bright and refreshing color right into autumn when the blooms change color to a rich deep pink. The autumn display of green and pink blooms on the same plant is breathtaking! The color makes a great addition to the garden and it blends wonderfully with all other colors.

Hydrangea paniculata Pinky Winky™

Hydrangea paniculata 'Dvppinky' or "PINKY-WINKY"
I cannot tell you how much I love this plant!!!!

From the Proven Winners site....

"Seems like just about everybody is growing Hydrangeas these days. It’s because we’re the shrubs that are as easy to grow in full to part sun as your basic Perennial. Trouble is, there are so many varieties out there, a newcomer has to be something special to get noticed. That’s what Proven Winners Color Choice went and did. They made me special, as in unique. I’m a hardy Hydrangea, which means I’m Perennial in zones 3 -9, and I grow 6 – 8 feet tall. Hydrangeas are all about the blooms, and mine are a humongous 12 – 16 inches. Lots of Hydrangeas have weak, anemic branches that couldn’t support an old candy wrapper much less my gynormous flower heads. Their flowers flop. My branches are strong like bull.

Probably my most notable feature is my flower color. Make that colors. Since my habit is what’s called indeterminate, my flower panicles continue to grow throughout the season. So my colors gradually turn from white to deepening shades of rose pink. You’ve never seen anything like it."

Okay those are the 3 new ones....but I also have a....


"Pia" Hydrangea, that is a dwarf and pink no matter the soil type.
Mine is tiny, not over 18 inches tall and wide, if that.
But the blooms are so bright and pretty. Hot pink with lime green accents.

Hydrangea paniculata Grandiflora

(Okay, mine is not nearly this big.... but a girl's gotta dream right?)

Hydrangea paniculata Grandiflora, or "Pee-Wee" Tree Hydrangea

Where do they come up with these names? Lol...
I have 4 0f these and they are so cute. They are not very big blooms, but they are the perfect size to cut and use and soooo many at that. They go from green, to white, to pink, to a tan-purple in the fall. Mine are about 3 feet tall ( but really taking off this year so far)

LacecapHydrangea Flower - Hydrangea Mariesii variegata - MyYard by sisudave.

Mariesii Variegata Hydrangea
These I found last fall, and have not seen bloom yet, but the foliage is awesome.
They are so different with the white tipped leaves. I think mine will be pink and white blooms.

And last but never least..... Nikko blue.
Mine blooms pink and it is perfect. Great foliage, healthy, consistent....and a bargain at any nursery. It is a must have in my book. It I had more shade I would do a whole row of them.

Why am I talking about these when they are not even blooming? Because they are on SALE right now. I got the first three for under $6.00 each! If you have been thinking of adding one.... look this week! They might be on sale...and I LOVE that!

I am still looking for a 'Kardinal' Lacecap (Endless Summer Series) and an minature Oakleaf Hydrangea. I, of course know where to find them.... but haven't forked out the debit card yet. When they are marked down... I have the spots ready!

Have a good weekend....we have family visiting....a grad party....a garden tour (not mine) Sunday and dr's appt Monday.... so I will be in and out for a few days.


  1. oh how GLORIOUS!!

    that Mariesii Variegata Hydrangea
    is one i have never seen... Unreal and fantastic!

    Thanks so much for sharing


  2. ooooh, so glad i found your blog. i love hydrangeas too...just about a climbing one to hopefully one day, trail over a trellis on my garage. can't wait to "collect" more.

  3. Claudia, I agree, Variegata Hydrangea is a neat one. I can't wait to see it bloom. But even w/o blooms it is a really cool plant.

    Sarah, thank you... I wanted to tell you I was shopping for a climbing hyd. a mth ago and found two, one in a 6 inch pot ($15) and one in a 3 gallon that was huge ($60). I stood there and went back and forth because the little ones leaves we're kinda dull, and the big one's we're lovely with a bit of red. They looked nothing alike, even the sheen was different. So I told myself there must be two kinds, because the tags we're different. But after I went home and looked it up, they are the same. Just the fresh new leaves have the color and they fade out in the sun, so more color....more shade. I love the idea of using it as a ground cover. I would like to put it under my stairs going up to the deck.

  4. there is something wonderful about Hydrangeas!!

  5. Beautiful Brooke! I love hydrangeas too... and you have a great collection! I particularly favor the dark maroon stems on the one i forget the name of. Thanks for visiting my blog ... it is good to find you.

  6. Thank you for all the wonderful information! They are one of my favorites too as you can tell by my blog header. Unfortunately I only have a space for one small one in my yard and it's really tiny, but there are hydrangeas all over Cape Cod and when we go visit I always take lots of pictures and drool. LOL -Jackie

  7. Lovely post!! I love the hydrangeas. Wouldn't it be fun to have all those cultivars in the garden?!

    Your blog is delightful! So glad I could visit your gardens!

    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm


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